Processing 35mm & 110 with C-41 Chemical

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Is there any difference in processing 35mm film and 110 film?

Three times, I developed my 35mm films together with my 110 films, but the results were very different. All 35mm films were successfully processed, but all 110 negative films were so dark that the images were almost invisible. I got the same result when I tried to develop 35mm and 100 separately. I used Unicolor C-41 Powder Kit. FYI, all films (35mm and 110) were expired.

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C41 is C41 so the format

C41 is C41 so the format shouldn't make any difference. I often develop 35mm, 110, and 120 in the same batch and have had good results (I use the Unicolor kit too). The darker 110 may just be from it being more expired than the 35.

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