Film Photography Podcast 159 – March 15, 2017

Film Photography Podcast  -  Episode 159 – March 15, 2017

Hey, we’re back! Reports on Film Ferrania P30 bw film, Lab Box Tank, Lomography F2 Color, Olympus XA Cameras and lots more!

(above pix shot on CineStill 800T 4x5 / Wista 4x5)

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Show Notes

Film Photography Podcast – Episode 159 – March 15th, 2017
Show Notes By Alex Luyckx

Hey We’re Back! Yes, the Film Photography Podcast is back from our mid-season break, and joining Michael Raso in studio today is Leslie Lazenby, Mat Marrash, Mark O’Brien, and a big welcome back to the show (what show??) John Fedele! On the table today is such topics as Film Ferrania’s P30 B&W Film, Kickstarter Projects (Phrameit and LabBOX), the Olympus XA, Shinzen, Lomography F2 Film, Listener Letters and so much more!

Bulk Loading Madness!
Let’s get right into it! FPP Listener Paul writes in asking about bulk loaders and wondering if the FPP gang does the bulk loading thing and do we ever! Most of the rare film stocks in our store is hand-rolled by Michael Raso. For those not in the know, bulk loading film involves using a device known as a bulk loader to take a 100’ roll of 35mm film and put it into film canisters to shoot in your cameras. There are several advantages to this including a reduction in cost to you and allowing for custom exposures on each roll. Leslie does warn against making fat rolls, this is going over 36 Exposures because if you’re doing your own developing, most reels support only up to 36. But as Mark points out, it allows you to get a more even number when you’re using PrintFiles, and you can roll a nice 20, 25, or 35 exposure roll so you aren’t losing a frame. If you want to get started, the best loader that Michael recommends is the AP Bobinquick it even has an exposure counter. And you can get all your bulk rolls right from the FPP store. There’s even an included cheat sheet that shows you how to recycle your old 35mm canisters so you are fiddling with old reusable canisters.

above: Mike and his Phrame-It prototype!

Photography & Kickstarter an Excellent Match

Phrame It - Kickstarter has been going crazy recently with photography related projects. The first is a frame designed for displaying your Polaroid prints. The producers behind this project (that launched yesterday), Sophort, have sent in a prototype of their Phrame-it! Mat is rather enamored with this handsome 8x8 frame (available in black or silver) allows for your to display the classic Polaroid print (SX-70, 600, or I-1) and makes it super easy to swap it out. You can check it out at:

LAB BOX- Another Kickstarter that has the entire gang buzzing is the LAB BOX. If you remember back to Episode 148, Leslie talked about true self-loading daylight developing tanks like the Rodinex. The trouble with these tanks is that they’re getting to be 50+ years old and cost a bit of a premium on the used market. But a new project on Kickstarter that launched during our break is bringing it all back. The LAB BOX allows for easy daylight self-loading and developing, and you don’t even need a change bag or darkroom to use it. The box features swapable modules for support of 35mm or 120 film. The loaders will automatically spool out the paper backing and for 35mm there’s a cutting bar. Leslie basically says that with this, there are no more excuses, it makes every aspect of film developing easy and almost worry free. Add in an Epson V700 scanner, and you’re a one-man band. There are only 9 days left on the Kickstarter (that reached its 70,000 Euro goal in 2 hours) and now stands at over 500,000 Euros and is only growing. So if this has your attention and interest, get in before it ends!

above: Portrait by Mat Marrash shot on Ferrania P30 BW film

High Contrast Black & White from Ferrania P30, the Return of a Classic - Film Ferrania is still forging ahead to meet their 2014 Kickstarter Color Slide Film rewards and they have a little bit of a treat. During the process of making the film the gang over at the LRF gave us something, a return of the iconic P30 motion picture film. This is a silver-rich, high-contrast ASA/ISO-80 film. And our very own Mat Marash got to test out a pre-production roll. He describes it as Ilford Pan F super, super-high contrast, a fact he hopes to tame with Pyrocat-HD when the film hits the shelves of the Film Ferrania store, in fact that store will open up any day.

Shinzen by Jimages
FPP Super Friend and world sailor Jim “Jimages” Austin has been producing a wonder and well-curated photography magazine or ‘zine titled “Shinzen” for several months now and the latest issue is now available for download! This month’s theme is water and features the amazing work of photographer Peter De Graaf. And the best part, is that it’s free! You can download the issue at:

Street Shooting Made Easy with the XA
Olympus has the knack of creating cameras that attain a bit of a cult following. The FPP is a big fan of the Trip 35, Stylus, and Stylus Epic Line. Recently we’ve unearthed a small supply of the Olympus XA line of cameras and Leslie comes in to give us a run down. These are pocket cameras, tiny, compact, and feature a clamshell design to switch the cameras on and off and feature an aperture priority meter. The original XA was a full range finder and came out in 1979 and is the one that everyone wants, it has a Zuiko 35mm f/2.8 lens and often commands a higher price on the used market. The next in line is just as good, the XA2 had a slightly slower 35mm f/3.5 lens, the XA3 is basically the same camera but adds in DX Code reading and brings back the backlight exposure compensation function that was on the XA. The rare bird of the group is the XA4 that replaces the 35mm lens for a 28mm f/3.5 lens. Of course Leslie does mention the ugly cousin of the line, the XA1 that is pretty automatic and should just be left to rot alone. The XA line would be replaced with the Stylus line of cameras. If you like what you see, you can still nab an XA2 or an XA3 over at the FPP store!

Lomo F2 film (Shot on Lomo F2 Film!)

Aged like a Fine Wine, Lomography brings us F2.
Lomography has done it again with a rather new old line of film. After getting their hands on the last master roll of 400 speed film from a famous Italian film manufacturer they allowed it to age for seven years like a fine wine or single-malt scotch before releasing it as Lomography F2 an ASA/ISO-400 speed colour negative film. It has been a huge hit with most of their stock selling out in a short 20 minutes in all markets. Mark O’Brien managed to get his hands on the stuff and loves the colour pallet and contrast that it offers. Lomography describes it as having that cross-processed look without having to cross-process. And if you keep your eye on the FPP Store, you may be able to get your hands on the film stock!

Well that’s it for this show, but we’ll be back in a short two weeks! Until then you can write us by email: or by the post: Film Photography Podcast PO Box 264 Fair Lawn, NJ 07410. 

You can also join in the conversation over on our Flickr Group! Plenty happening over there in the group discussions and some amazing work can be found in the photo pool! And feel free to add your own amazing film photos into the pool for others to admire! See you in two weeks!


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March 15th, 2017 Podcast 159 timing

0:02:15 Introductions Michael Raso, Leslie Lazenby, Mat Marrash, Mark O’Brien, John Fedele
0:04:28 Topics dicussed today listed
0:05:58 Break
0:06:26 Letter - bulk film loader question. The panel responds. (rwl7532 rolling since 1989). Economy of bulk loading discussed.
0:19:50 Kickstarter - Phrame It for displaying Polaroid prints.
0:23:19 Break
0:23:58 Lab Box kickstarter. 12 days left (3/15/17)
0:38:51 Break
0:39:39 Film Ferrania P30
0:45:22 Shinzen by Jimages
0:47:03 Olympus XAs at the FPP store (for FPP club members - that's you if you got this far)
0:56:23 Off topic Split Ends (Band)
0:58:18 Lomography F² film
1:02:15 Closing remarks - write to FPP, send candy - that sort of thing - Flickr / Instagram - Music to close

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The Alden bulk loaders are nice and it has a counter. Nyms

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