Film Photography Podcast 151

Film Photography Podcast  -  Episode 151 – October 1, 2016

The internet radio show for people who love to shoot film! Lomo Instant! Leica Instant! The Film Photography Handbook! Doxie Scanner! Voigtlander VF101 and More!

Show Notes

Film Photography Podcast – Episode 151 – October 1, 2016
Show Notes By Alex Luyckx

We’re back! Joining Michael Raso in studio today is Leslie Lazenby, Mark O’Brien, and Mark Dalzell. Topics on today’s shoe are the Voigtlander VF101, Leica C1, Instax Explosion, The Film Photography Handbook, the Doxie Scanner, Listener Letters, Tim Tams, and more! Grab yourself a caffeinated drink and keep us tuned in!


School Donation Program! Before recording began the gang spent hours organizing cameras for the ongoing FPP School Donation Program. Cameras are donated to The FPP from all over the world. Michael & crew test each and every camera before donating them out to schools in need. This fall, the Lafayette High School (Indiana), Pickerington High School (Ohio) and Kalazmazoo Community College (Michigan) are recipients of cameras! Do you have a camera or film to donate? Follow the link HERE for info! (Pix above: Mark O'Brien camera testing)

Fuji Instax is taking off in an even bigger way! There’s been lots of activity from Japan and Fuji’s Instax line over the course of the summer. First up is that Fuji is going to be releasing a black & white version of their Instax Film as well as rumors of a square format version with a camera. Then our friends at Lomography are releasing (currently on kickstarter with less than 90 days to back it if you wish) the Lomo’Instant Automat, a fully automatic version of their Lomo’Instant camera that will feature full aperture and shutter speed control as well as flash power control for a smooth automatic operation of your instant shooting. And not to be left out even Leica is joining the party with their Sofort camera, which features the same auto exposure and a Leica Automatik-Hektor 60mm f/2.7 lens, and it looks fantastic to boot!

Continuing on the theme of Leica, Leslie recently had a Leica come across the door of her shop in lovely downtown Findlay, Ohio. But it isn’t a Leica that you’d expect. The Leica C1 is a compact 35mm camera that was produced in the late 1990s - but you won’t see it called a Point-And-Shoot in any of the marketing material from Leica. While it’s not a bad camera, it does have a nice super zoom lens going from 38mm to 105mm (the widest range of the Leica “C” line). But Leslie does have some issues with it. First off the metal body collects fingerprints like no one’s business which after some use makes it look pretty bad. They can be cleaned but the fingernail marks from turning the camera on and off on the rubberized top plate cannot. So after heavy use it can get pretty ugly. Also the rubberized plates can get a bit sticky in the humid summer months. Originally the camera was marketed at 500$ and even today commands a 90-100$ price tag. Leslie would much prefer to shoot with a Leica Minilux.

FPP superfriend, Jim “Jimages” Austin has a new side publication, Shinzen is an electronic ‘zine and the most recently publication “Trees” features photos from Mat Marrash, John Meadows, and several other excellent photographers. You can download it and the past issues for free from Jim’s site:

Like anyone who shoots spontaneous portraits of people on the street or at a party with your instant camera and want to give it to the person, you soon realize that you don’t have a copy of the image yourself. Well fret no more, Mark O’Brien has a neat accessory that will solve your dilemma! The Doxie Flip scanner, while originally designed to digitize field notes works great for scanning your Instax Mini/Wide, Impossible Project, and Type 100 peel apart prints in the field! The Flip Scanner runs on AA batteries and scans a JPG file directly to an SD Card, you don’t even need a computer to make it work. And at the size of an iPad Mini it tucks away neatly in your camera bag! Then when you get home, plug in the SD Card into your computer and upload to your heart’s content. And at a price of just over 100$ it makes a great gift for any instant shooter out there!

Leslie received a band new film photography book! The Film Photography Handbook is a modern publication that brings you the basics of film photography while combining the traditional with the modern digital age we live in. The book covers all the bases, from choosing a camera and a film format, but also film sizes and types. What to look for when buying used gear, developing your film, scanning and post-processing your film in a digital environment. The book also has info on printing digitally, traditionally and alternative methods and more. A must have for anyone getting into the medium or those who want to tone down their library of ancient books on the subject matter. It’s available through Rocky Nook Press as a hardcover (39.95$) or eBook (31.99$), plus if you punch in the promo code FPP35 you get a nice 35% discount!

Mark Dalzell has been skipping through the fields with his new favourite camera. Now at first glance the Voigtlander VF 101 looks like your average electronic cameras from the 1970s. But this sweet little rangefinder is actually a gem. The Color-Skopar 40mm f/2.8 lens is sharp, and the full/semi-automatic functionality makes the camera a joy to use. And even though it takes PX625 batteries, you can easily run it with LR44 batteries and some tinfoil to make up the connection as the camera requires 3 volts.

SPECIAL! Be sure to check out our show special (link HERE) - our C-41 Development kit PLUS two free rolls of the sweet Kodak Vision3 50D motion picture film.

FPP In-Store! If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, you can now purchase our handrolled film from Downtown Camera (55 Queen St E, Toronto, ON). They currently stock FPP Retrochrome (320 and 160), Eastman Double-X (5222), Eastman 5363, and 2366! Peruse all the hand-roll FPP films here.

That's it for this episode! We'd love to hear from you, shoot us an email at: or send us actual post at: Film Photography Podcast PO Box 264 Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

See you in a short two weeks!


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October 1st, 2016 FPP Podcast timing

00:03:36 School Donation Program
00:06:27 Instax fever - Lomography Lomo Instant Automat, B&W Instax
00:11:37 Leica Sofort
00:14:42 Letter
00:18:47 Break
00:20:07 Remjet removal techniques
00:22:40 Point and Shoot Leica C1
00:31:40 Break
00:33:55  Shinzen electronic 'zine
00:36:40 Portable scanner Doxie Flip
00:42:34 Break
00:45:25 Book The Film Photography Handbook - ebook or hard cover
Use code FPP35 to get 35% discount for FPP listeners
00:55:59 Break
00:56:28 Downtown Camera, DX code discussion, 5363, Eastman Double X
00:58:28 Color Infrared
01:02:34 Voigtlander VF 101
01:12:44 Break
01:14:25 Letters
01:17:38 Leslie's tip bubble paper to hold curved prints flat for scanning
01:18:41 Music to close

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Another great and informative podcast, guys!

Unfortunately, you've done further damage to my wallet...

I just ordered my own copy of The Film Photography Handbook. After hearing Leslie's glowing description of the book, I think it will serve nicely to round out some gaps in my own knowledge.

And since I just mixed up a fresh FPP Unicolor C-41 kit this morning, I'll need to order a replacement soon. I'm also eager to try out that Kodak Vision D50 film. :)

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Besides co-authoring "The Film Photography Handbook", Chris Marquardt is also a podcaster. His Tips From the Top Floor podcast has been going for over eleven years now. He does listener Q&A, discusses various photography topics, and covers a mix of both film and digital.

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