Film Photography Podcast 149

Film Photography Podcast  -  Episode 149 – July 1, 2016

The internet radio show for people who love to shoot film! Minolta SR7, Film of the Week - Svema Mz3, School Donation Program, Walker Evans, Listener Letters and More!

Show Notes

Film Photography Podcast - Episode 149 - July 1st, 2016
Show Notes By: Alex Luyckx

It's the Internet Radio show for people who love film! Joining Michael Raso around the table today is Mark O'Brien, Mark Dalzell, Leslie Lazenby, and Mat Marrash! We've got a great show on the table today - Two books, the Minolta SR-7, Our School Donation Program, a film of the week (Svema MZ-3), Listener Letters and so much more! Grab an iced coffee and keep us tuned in!

Book of the Show 1 - Camera Crazy
Mark Dalzell brings us the first book of the show, Camera Crazy by Christopher Salyers and Buzz Poole. This is a great coffee table book Mark explains, covering the wide range of toy and novelty cameras in the world. Both film and digital cameras are covered and there are lots of photos of both the equipment and the images they produce. Mark does warn that you will get some GAS while reading through it. Since this is a relatively new book on the market you can find most of Lomography's product line included!

School Donation Program At Work!
2016 is becoming a huge year for our School Donation Program! In fact, there's even a request for the Boys and Girls Club at the Coast Guard base in Puerto Rico! So how does this program work? Well, Michael Raso and Mark Dalzell work hard and vet all the cameras that come into the FPP Donation Program - making sure they work, sort and kit out the cameras. When requests come in they put together a big box, sending an inventory to the requestor for their approval. And the FPP listener base has been a huge help in sending in both cameras and money to cover the shipping costs. But there's always room for more! Check out the Donation section of the site for details on how you can help us through 2016 and beyond!
Getting Your Grant On!
Mat Marrash pops by to talk about getting grant money to help your photo projects. Mat explains that if you like to talk about your work or simply want to improve or learn how to talk about your photography projects putting in requests for grants is the best way to do it! And if you think grants are rare, think again! There is actually a lot of money out there Mat explains, you just have to seek it out. The best place to start is in your local area, art councils and government bodies often have a lot of money to give away to artists to help get your project off the ground! Another option is an artist in residency program that gives you not only a chance to travel but to show off your work. So if  you're thinking that you could get that project you've been tossing around in your head off the ground, it's time to get your Google on and get searching! You never know what you might find.

Book of the Show 2 - Walker Evans at Work
Mark O'Brien isn't shy to let people know that Walker Evans is one of his favourite photographers. And while he has several books by him the book he has with him today is Walker Evans at Work by Jerry L. Thomson that covers some of Walker's work later in his life. But that's not the only book you should check out! Walker has an amazing body of work that is actually pretty accessible as he has covered a lot of different subjects beyond his usual rural decay and urban scenes. 

Minolta SR-7 - Exposed!
Leslie has a real game changer of a camera with her, the Minolta SR-7 released in 1962 was the first SLR to feature a built-in coupled CdS lightmeter. Something we take for granted these days. Now this isn't a Thru-The-Lens (TTL) meter, Leslie explains, but rather the 'eye' is mounted off to the side. Mark comments that this camera looks fairly normal, modern even. The early cameras did not feature an on-off switch, as Minolta was assuming people would put the camera back in the bag or case between shots, but a year later they added a power switch on the bottom plate of the camera. Leslie also notes that this is a durable camera that even now the meter remains dead accurate!
Film of the Week - Svema MZ-3
An awesome underdog in the FPP Store is our film of the week! Svema MZ-3 is a black & white, blue sensitive film rated at ISO/ASA-3, and is fresh hand-rolled in the FPP Studio Darkroom. This is a great summer film! Now the trouble is many camera's meters don't read down to ISO/ASA-3. Simply set the camera at the lowest film speed it will go, then calculate from there, so if it's ISO-25, open it up three aperture stops. (25/2 = 12, 12/2 = 6, 6/2=3). As for processing both Leslie and Alex have had success with Kodak HC-110, Leslie uses Dilution H for 9:15 @ 68F/20C, and Alex uses Dilution E for 6:00 @ 68F/20C. So for the next two weeks check it out in the store for a special price! And while you're in the store check out our new batch tested expired Kodak Vision stocks! This is ECN-2 process, so you'll either need to do it at home in our C-41 kit or send it off to the Little Film Lab in California or The Camera Shop in Minnesota for processing.
That's it for this shoe, but we'll be back in a short two weeks! Until then we would love to hear from you! You can email us, or use the regular postal system: Film Photography Podcast PO Box 264, Fair Lawn, NJ, 07410, USA!
Music provided by The SMOOVE SAILORS and Darren BALLARD Riley!


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July 1st, 2016 FPP Podcast timing:

00:00:37 To calculate developing for unknown film by Leslie
00:05:12 Camera protection: salt, sand; EV chart use.
00:09:35 Book - Camera Crazy
00:13:25 Donation process; camera purchase advice for photo classes etc.
00:20:26 Break
00:21:30 Grants - various types. The Google
00:29:15 Film: 35mm EXP Vision film at FPP
00:31:00 Book - Walker Evans at Work
00:33:49 Book - Walker Evans The Hungry Eye
00:34:55 Book - Walker Evans American Photographs
00:36:50 FPP 620 Spooling
00:38:30 The
00:40:52 Minolta SR-7 - Exposed!
00:46:00 Film of the Week - Svema MZ-3 ISO 3
00:48:35 Darkroom Supplies available at FPP Store
00:50:07 Polaroid tricks and advice
00:52:50 Letter: cameras appearing on TV shows and Movies; Music

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