Film Photography Podcast 148

Film Photography Podcast  -  Episode 148 – June 15, 2016

The internet radio show for people who love to shoot film! New FPP hand-Rolled Films, Develop Color Negs at Home, Daylight Film Dev Tanks, Blue Sensitive 35mm Film, Promote Your Own Photography, Pentax ME, Series Filters and More!

photo: Leslie's self-timer went off! Oops. Shot on Incredibly outdated Kodak 800 consumer negative film / Camera: Olympus OM4t, Tamron 24mm.

Show Notes

Film Photography Podcast  -  Episode 148 – June 15, 2016
Show notes by Michael Raso

On today's show I'm joined by John Fedele, Mat Marrash, Leslie Lazenby, Mark Dalzell and Mark O'Brien

First up, John Fedele and I discuss what's new at the FPP On-Line Store. Cold stored FPP Hand-Rolled 35mm EXPvision motion picture films! It's expired Kodak Vision film. It's inexpensive and a blast to shoot. It's process ECN-2 so you can't get it developed at your nearby lab. Home process in the FPP Color Neg Kit or send it to The Little Film Lab.

Speaking of developing at home. John and I talk about how easy it is to "soup" your own color film at home. We're so pumped up about it that we shot a "crash course" video (see below)

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Home process your color in under 10 minutes! Get the kit here:

Before departing John and I go off on a bit of a tangent about the upcoming Desert Fest featuring all the old codgers of rock including Sir Paul McCartney, The Who, Roger Waters and lots more! I asked John if Sir Paul was going to corner Pete Townshend and bore him to tears (again)! See vid below.

Leslie Lazenby kicks off the days topics with Daylight Film Tank chatter. She demonstrates the Brooks and the Rondinax tanks. Visit the awesome Rondinal site:

above: a 1972 family enjoys developing film while on vacation. No word on if they had a wet darkroom in their tent to make prints! below: The sturdy Rondinax day tank. STill goin' after all these years!

FPP's Film-Of-The-Week is our 35mm hand-rolled Svema Blue Sensitive film. It's on sale and it's awesome! Svema Blue Sensitive is a low-speed / high contrast intended for lab use but will produce a very pleasing "look" when shot in your 35mm still camera. Get it HERE!

above: FPP Svema Blue is Yellow!! Image by Leslie Lazenby

This blue-sensitive* black-and-white film has very high resolution and incorporates a yellow dye, which is removed during processing, to provide very high sharpness and contrast.

There is no "rem jet" associated with this film (like the color Vision stocks) and can be developed in chemistry like Kodak D76, HC-110, Ektol and others. This film can also be commercially processed by The Darkroom and other commercial labs that process black and white film.

How do I meter for iso 1.5? If you camera can't be set to iso 1.5, you can set your meter iso to 25 and set your f-stops accordingly.

  • 25 ISO with a +1 correction would be 12 ISO
  • 25 ISO with +2 is 6 ISO
  • 25 ISO with +3 is 3 ISO
  • 25 ISO with +4 is 1.5 ISO

* Blue Sensitive films need to be shot in daylight or using a flash/strobe. Avoid using a yellow filter or shooting in tungsten (indoor) light.

above: Michael Raso shot these two images  f2.8 - 1/30th sec on Svema Blue Sensitive BW film. Canon FTb / Canon FD 20mm lens. Home processed in Kodak D-76 6min @ 68 degrees / Epson v700 scanned. Below: Skin tones on Svema Blue yields a pleasing "tan" or "chromey" look. Canon FTb / Canon FD 50mm f1.2 lens / Vivitar 252 flash / Processed in Caffenol (Harmony Blend)

Next up Mat Marrash gives some great tips on promoting your own photography and then Mark Dalzell talks up one of his favorite SLR cameras - the Pentax ME 35mm camera!

Mark O'Brien rounds things out with chatter about "Series Filters" and then Leslie ends the show with great info on what Polarized filters are.

You can write to the FPP at
Packages and donations to Film Photography Podcast PO Box 264, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

See everyone in two weeks!



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FYI... Leicester is pronounced Lester! :-). Also on day light loading tanks, the first tank I used was a Jobo daylight 2400 tank it was ok but no 120 and only one roll at a time! Love the Shoe!!
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I thoughtfor the entirety of my life that Leicester is pronounced lie-chess-ter and not Lester. Man, now I'll have to re-learn.

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Wikipedia set me straight on that. Just be sure to pronounce with a British accent. Lesta. LOL.

Apparently the FPP podcast crew are not fans of soccer!! 

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Should you do some follow up info on HC110:

Ansel Adams was an HC110 user. This is documented in his The Negative.

Freestyle has a similar product named L110. Label states "indefinite" as the unopened concentrate shelf life, stock solution (water added to concentrate) 2 months. 

I have a spreadsheet (available by request) which calculates the amount of HC110 concentrate to add to water to fill whatever tank you have. Dilutions A through H are calculated. (request via Flickr mail Google rwl7532 to find me).

And now the required: I love the show!

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I have used Rubylith to replace the red window on 120 cameras.
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hey guys love the show. was listening to 148 a week or so ago and heard matt I think it was talk about his trusty Minolta xgm and thought "hey I never shot with a Minolta I gotta get one" about and hour and a half later I was walking past a antique shop where I get quite a few used cameras to see if they had any. the shopkeeper said only one. over there . I picked it up and lo and behold a minty Minolta xgm with 50mm rokkor 1.7, nice ready case and a sweet rainbow colored wide strap all for 38 dollars. yeee hawww. great camera im a Minolta file now keep up the sweet show !

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