Film Photography Podcast - Episode 102 – May 01, 2014

Film Photography Podcast  -  Episode 102 – May 01, 2014

The internet radio show for people who love to shoot film! Making new 55 4x5 instant film - an interview with two of its creators – Robert Crowley and Sam Hiser!


Show Notes

Show Notes by Michael Raso

In this episode FPP Corespondent Viviane Li interviews Sam Hiser and Robert Crowley from New 55 Film. New55 FILM is a new instant 4x5 film that produces a superb negative, and a positive print too.

Sam, Robert and their team are making New 55 film from scratch and are raising money so that their planned film product can become a reality!

We all have until May 5, 2014 to contribute via their KickStarter Campaign -

Whether you're a 4x5 shooter or perhaps plan to be one day, act now to ensure new film materials are available to photographers world-wide!

above image: New55 FILM scan of negative October 2013. Image © New 55


On the second half of the show, I'm joined by John Fedele, Dane Johnson and Mark Dalzell. We discuss 4x5 film, holders and the New 55 film.

Mark discusses Jerome Daksiewicz's NOMO Film Label Poster Project. You can pick up some groovy posters at -

Amazing thanks to Viviane Li for taking the time to conduct her awesome interview with New 55. Fantastic thanks to Bob Crowley and Sam Hiser for re-inventing new 4x5 instant film!!!


Our FPP Walking Workshop 2014 is May 16 - 18th. Please click on over to our workshop page HERE. I hope to see YOU in Findlay this year!

Next Podcast in two weeks! See you then on the internet radio!



Aathaaa From Bawston's picture
I truly admire what these gentlemen are doing. I have been following with great interest, as I am in the Boston area, and the original Polaroid Corporation has such a rich history in the fabric of the area. A couple of concerns. Kickstarter seems like such a fragile, dicey way to secure such funding. And, with 10 days to go, they are at like 52% of goal. It doesn't look good. At Photographica in Wakefield, MA a few weeks ago, that would have been the perfect venue for them to demonstrate the technology, and try to secure funding from a rather high end, well pocketed clientele. Surprised not to see them there, and it would have also jump started sales of Polaroid 4x5 holders, which were plentiful for sale at the show. I have invested heavily in 35 and medium formats, as well as instant, and really can't take on yet another format right now. If I was going to, this would be the way. I hope they make it. I really, really do.
Bob Crowley's picture
I like the Photographica show and have been to all of them except the most recent (travel conflict) hawking New55 and passing out cards. Also I have spoken with the people who run "PHSNE" which is the Photographic Historical Society of New England. I even was a seller at a recent show, and talked a lot about New55 to whoever would listen. We've polled PHSNE and there are some potential 4x5 users, so we do not think we have missed the boat at the most recent Wakefield show. And I will be at the next Photographica, perhaps to snap up some large format lenses! Thanks for the interview here and we are continuing to promote the field of Diffusion Transfer Reversal and have, at the very least, established awareness of this important historical process which was not appreciated before.
Anonymous's picture
Thanks, Bob- I would absolutely love to meet you at the next Photographica. I was not at the show you were at. Your efforts are beyond exciting! I do hope this becomes reality. -Aathaaa
Joseph Cunningham's picture

I believe Ilford has temporarily discontinued their Harman Direct positive paper.  At least I can no longer find it in either 4x5 or 5x7.


The emulsion for this product was developed in Switzerland by ILFORD Imaging Switzerland Gmbh for the Imago project, and became part of our product range when we decided to coat HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE FB paper using the same emulsion.

Financial difficulties last year subsequently led to insolvency at ILFORD Imaging Switzerland and the business is now closed.

We have been, and still are, trying to secure the formula for the emulsion through the Receiver appointed for ILFORD Imaging Switzerland. If successful we intend to restart production, but being realistic it will take many months before any new coatings will be ready for sale, and we may not succeed.

As a result, we are advising that when our very limited stocks of HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE FB are exhausted we will be unable to supply product for the medium term.

Aathaaa From Bawston's picture
Super Positive! Congratulations, Bob, and to your New 55 project. I hope we do get to meet, maybe at the next Photographica. -Arthur
dksea's picture
Thank you FPP for publicizing the New55! I think your show really helped build the momentum for New55 to be successful! As a FPP and NEW55 fan this is a great weekend for film photography!
Michael Raso's picture

WIN! New55 has been funded! Viva Film Photography!!!!

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