Film Photography Podcast - Episode 80 – April 15, 2013

Film Photography Podcast - Episode 80 – April 15, 2013

The internet radio show for people who love to shoot film! World Pinhole Photography Day! Shoot X-Ray Film! Graflex Century Graphic Camera! Polaroid Automatic Land Camera Giveaway! Listener Letters! Lots More!

Show Notes

Show Notes By Alex Luyckx

Join hosts Michael Raso, Dane Johnson, and Mark Dalzell for FPP’s Big Eight-Oh! On today’s show shooting X-Ray film, Mark’s Century Graphic, pinhole photography, Mark’s website(s) of the month, Smoovachrome, listener letters and more!

If you’ve been listening to the FPP for a while you’ve probably heard of the Smoove Sailors! Did you know they have just released an album: Smoovachrome, featuring a selection of some of their experimental tracks! Head on over to CD Baby or iTunes today and pick up a copy! Have some thoughts on the album, feedback? Email or call our hotline!

Various FPP listeners write in with some exciting news in the film photography world! First off is the Kickstarter Project for the Travelwide 4x5 camera. This camera developed by a couple guys from Chicago brings portability to large format photography. This 3d printed camera is based around the Schneider-Kruznack Angulon 1:6,8/90 lens, another model takes a 65mm lens. They have some prototypes ready, but are looking for support through Kickstarter. If you pitch in $99.00 now, you’ll get one of these unique cameras!


"The Pin-Debonair" - parts


above: The Pin Debonair in-the-making!

Ross (the creator of the Pindebonair) reminds the gang that April 28th is World Wide Pinhole Photography Day! What is a pinhole camera? It is a camera that uses a small hole instead of a lens to let light into the camera. They can be made out of literally anything! Check out the website for more details and head onto the Google to see about making your own camera!

Another listener tips the FPP off to the fact that Film Rescue International is thinking to make a limited production run of Disc film! This isn’t being done for money FRI says, so once it’s done it’s done. Who still processes disc film? Check out: Dwayne’s Photo (C-41 only) or Film Rescue International.

above: Portrait of Mark Dalzell by Michael Raso shot on FPP Blue X-Ray Film

What the heck is up with X-Ray film? Mat rolls in to give us all a heads up on this cheap large format film that is taking the film-loving world by storm. X-ray film Mat explains is an orthochromatic film (means it cannot see red). You can find it in lots of strange sizes from 8x10 all the way up to 20x24 and everything inbetween. Because it’s orthochromatic you can work under a low power safelight (Mat recommends the Kodak Junior 7 watt bulb, regular safelights are not recommended). It’s great for portrait and landscape work and a cheap way to get into Large Format Photography. Mike’s been experimenting and the FPP store had a limited quantities of X-Ray film in 4x5 format and 8x10! You just have to watch out, the emulsion is on both sides of the film and is very sensitive to scratches. Even tray processing gently can result in scratched negs. But at the cost, you can practice to your heart’s content.

Instead of a book of the month, Mark brings a website of the month, Rick Olesen’s site is the central source for camera repair tips, tricks, and drawings. The man has done almost everything Mark explains, and posts it all online. He also puts it all on a handy CD that costs only $20.00 and is worth it. Rick has repaired and documented almost every old camera out there. If you have it and it’s broken, there’s a good chance that Rick has fixed it. Mark also brings up as he’s dubbed him “The Fantasy Camera Guy” a recent Flickr contact, he is a street photographer but also designs these wacky things based on cameras but they do other things like help you mediate, or serves you lunch. You can check out his unique designs on his flickr photostream.

On the topic of camera repair, Mike has found a solution for the dreaded EEE error on your Canon T90. After some reading online it turns out a good smack on the ground and it will loosen up some gunked contacts, it seems to be a common trouble, but a nice quick fix to get your T90 working again.

Dane has donated back his very first Polaroid Pack Camera, an Automatic Model 220 Land Camera that he repaired, converted to AAA batteries and now it’s up for you to win! If you’ve never shot with one of these cameras before head on over to the giveaways page and sign up now, it also comes with a pack of film! Packtastic!

The Century Graphic is Mark’s latest camera and a current favorite! It’s a ¾ scale of Mike’s iconic Crown Graphic. The Century was a scaled down version of the press camera that took at the time 3.25 by 2.25 inch sheet film (which is no longer available) but if you have one with the Graflock back you can mount a roll film back allowing you to shoot 120 roll film. The camera was built between 1949 and 1972 as a lower cost to the Pacemaker Crown Graphic made out of a Bakalite type material called “Mahoganite” which made it a nice lightweight camera. Mark’s came with the highly desirable Schneider 80mm f/2.8 Xenotar lens. If you’re looking at getting one ensure it has the graphlock back as without it you cannot mount a roll back making the camera no more than a display piece.

And that’s it for us! Watch for some fantastic shows come up with FPP Super Friend Daren “Pancho” Reily, Leslie from Imagine That! and interviews from the FPP Walking Workshop! Don’t touch that dial we’ll be back in two weeks (you sound like a bird)!


Anonymous's picture
What happened to the Caffenol recipe you commented on? You made mention you would put it in the show notes but nada.... I am curious and would like to try your recipe.
Brent Bublitz's picture
For the Century Graphic, I should point out that you can cut Xray film to fit the holders. There is no reason it has to just be a display piece. I have been shooting one this way for some time, and it's great!
Sean's picture
I was looking for the same thing.
Sam Sanchez's picture
Anon, these might be what you're looking for: Darren's post on Caffenol:–-develop-film-home-caffenol Alex's: Hope that helps! :)
Bill Loewy's picture
You talked about Seattle Film Works film. I use to shoot and loved the SFW film. The film I shot was Kodak 5247. It was a movie film, and it was a C41 process. I used to bring it to whatever 1-hour photo I was near. The color was a little off, but it was C41. I'm not sure what film you were referring to from SFW. I am thinking they changed there film stock after I stopped using it? I don't recall and backing layer either.
mdalzell's picture

Hi Brent - the Century Graphic is not a shelf queen! I don't have the sheet holder but I have 2 of the 120 roll backs for it... it's been my main camera the past few weeks... love it! :)




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