Film Photography Podcast Episode 64 – July 15, 2012

The Internet Radio Show for Folks Who Love Film! Inside Photostock 2012! Mat Marrash interviews photographers Andrew L. Moore, Suzanne Revy, Stuart Batchelor, Bill Schwab. Hunter White interviews super-seller KEH president Todd Murphy. Listener Letters with Michael Raso / John Fedele, Polaroid SX-70 Giveaway and more!

photo by Mat Marrash / Photostock 2012

Show Notes

Film Photography Podcast Episode 64 – July 15, 2012 - Show Notes

The Internet Radio Show for Folks Who Love Film! Inside Photostock 2012! Mat Marrash interviews with photographers Andrew L. Moore, Suzanne Revy, Stuart Bachelor, Bill Schwab. Hunter White interviews super-seller KEH president Todd Murphy. Film chat with Michael Raso and John Fedele and more!

FPP co-host Mat Marrash attends Photostock 2012
Harbor Springs, Michigan USA
June 21 - 24, 2012

Photostock, as it has become known, began in the summer of 2006 as a gathering of photographers who for the most part, had never met before. It grew out of a post Bill Schwab made on a popular analogue film site called A.P.U.G., an invitation to photographers in the Great Lakes area looking to meet like minded people."

This year, Mat interviews

Andrew L. Moore - Internationally recognized fine artist working in color large format photography.

Suzanne Revy - B&W Fine art photographer making traditional wet prints in the darkroom.

Stuart Bachelor - B&W photographer specializing in a long exposure technique called "painting with time".

Bill Schwab - Bill Schwab is an American photographer known for his emotionally charged yet peaceful urban and natural landscapes.


FPP Man-on-the-street Hunter White visits Todd Murphy, President of KEH in Georgia USA.

above: The KEH warehouse / photo by Hunter White

KEH Camera was founded in 1979 in Atlanta, GA by King Grant, Jr. and are the World's Largest dealer of used photographic digital and film products.


In the studio, Michael Raso congratulates John Fedele on his purchase of a Minolta Instant Pro camera. The Instant Pro is a camera that uses Polaroid Spectra film!

John Fedele takes the plunge into The Impossible! Minolta Instant Pro (Spectra camera)


Michael and John reveal the new camera giveaway – a beautiful re-skinned Polaroid Auto-Focus SX-70 folding camera courtesy of Leslie Lazenby from Imagine That! Enter by visiting our giveaway page!


The Film Photography Podcast is off the month of August – we'll see everyone in September 2012!

Have a GREAT Summer 2012 & shoot lots of film!!!

above images: "Misty Morning Surfer" by Brian Moore - Canon T70, Canon FD 28mm lens - Arista EDU 400 / "A Day in Ringwood" photo by Michael Raso - Graflex Crown Graphic camera - Optar 135mm f4.7 lens - Kodak Ektar 100


Tim's picture
Seattle film-based wedding photographer. It. Is. Possible.
Bitan Photography's picture
How did you guys know I've been surfing KEH for a used Mamiya RZ67 Pro II camera in decent condition? Cue the spooky music.
buetts's picture
I would like to see the work of Stuart Bachelor. Is there a link?
Mat Marrash's picture

Unfortunately, he doesn't have a website up at the moment. :(

Mark Killmer's picture
He mentioned some works were on, but I can't find them...
Sibokk's picture

Stoo Bachelor's Apug portfolio can be found here:

KEH Camera's picture
Thanks for including us in your podcast and to Hunter for the interview!
Keith in WA's picture
I especially enjoyed the interview with Todd Murphy from KEH. I am one of their satisfied and regular customers. They are THE source for quality used cameras. Their rating system is conservative at best; the equipment you buy is often in better shape than what they rate it. They are a total class act.
Justus Kellerman's picture
This is the first podcast I've actually been interested in. It gets into artistic and creative details instead of purely technical. It's good to hear a tad bit about WHAT people shoot with and HOW, but what gets me interested is the WHY. Thanks guys. You've earned a listener. [Off topic]: What is the song about 33 minutes in?
Rosemary Hawkins's picture
Hi Guys Fun podcast as always. I really enjoyed the interview with Mr. Murphy from KEH. In answer to your question, yes, I was the person who mailed the E-6 mailers to you last winter - hope they got to you in time! My attempt to find a home for film lovers on the internet was what led me to discover FPP while looking for a place to donate the mailers. Keep up the great work! (and thanks for your thanks!) Rosemary Hawkins
Alexander D.'s picture
Hi, I have long loved you podcast, but I have a question. On this episode, there is a song at the end with the lyrics "why won't he wake up". I'd love to know what it's called, but you guys never list your songs, and the Smoove Sailors website is not very user friendly. Thanks, Alexander D
Michael Raso's picture
Alexander D.'s picture
Thanks! I was able to find the song I was talking about! Alexander D

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