Film Photography Podcast Episode 55 – February 15, 2012

Film Photography Podcast Episode 55 – February 15, 2012

Photo Chemistry, Buying Used, 110 / Sub-Mini, Top 12 Film Cameras and More! Hosted by Michael Raso and Mat Marrash with Dan Domme, Alex Luyckx and Hunter White!

Show Notes

FPP Show Notes – Ep. 55 – Feb 15, 2012

Big Round table show for episode 55 with Michael Raso, Mat Marash, Dan Domme, Hunter White, and Alex Luyckx.


Sub-Miniture! Top 12 Film Cameras! Panoramic! Listener Letters! AND MORE!

Put on your science hats as Dan goes into a discussion on the science behind photography. What makes film sensitive to light, and how the development process works. From the developer and the reducing agents, that help the silver crystals grow. The two types of stop bathes, acid or water, and the fixer that removes the film’s light sensitivity. Once you know how it all works, you can make your own developer to suit you needs.

If you want to know more or are just curious and want reading material, you can check out:
Modern Photographic Processes by Grant Haist

or the Darkroom Cookbook by Steve Anchell

The gang works through American Photo’s top 12 film cameras for those who want to shoot film on a budget, using materials from KEH and online activity.

They are: Zenza Bronica (SQ, SQ-A), Canon EOS-1n, Canon AE-1, Fuji GA645, Hasselblad 500 C/M, Leica R series (Leica’s SLR), Mamyia 645, Nikon FM-10, Nikon N80/F80, Pentax 67, Pentax K1000, and Ricoh GR.

The list generated a discussion on the used camera market and haggling for used equipment at antique stores and garage sales.

YouTube Video for the Vivitar Film Camera Commercial (All those wires!!):

Hunter mentions a Ricoh Sub-Miniture camera which moves into the next topic of subminiature cameras working with film sizes smaller than 35mm, such as 110, Minox, 14mm, and 16mm cameras. Mat shows off a Mini Rolleiflex which uses Minox (Spy camera) film, the camera is nothing sort of adorable. We don’t know everything about Sub-Miniture format, if you know more please let the FPP know at!

Alex leads off a discussion on Panoramic cameras such as the Lomography Horizon series, the Spinner 360, and the Sprocket Rocket. Also the Noblex (Donker Dave’s camera), the Wide Lux, and various other cameras. They’re not cheap, but they’re fun.

FPP will be taking a break for the month of March but look for brand new episodes in April!

Show Notes by Alex Luyckx





MysteryOnion's picture

Great to hear the sub-mini format mentioned!

Minox camera (spy camera) are very cool too and unlike the mini replica cameras, are able to be focused and the shutter speed is adjustable.  The lens on them are 15mm f3.5 fixed and are more than 100 line-per-millimeter or in otherwords, they are very sharp!  The delicate cartridges are often reloaded by Minox fans with almost any film that can be easily cut down to 9.2mm and fit through the catridge film gates.

16mm by Yashica, Minolta, Mamiya

14mm also known ( HIT film 17.5mm )

alex luyckx's picture

I ended up picking up a Zenza Bronica SQ-Am, great cameras.

zoey's picture
"FPP will be taking a break for the month of March but look for brand new episodes in April!" … This is a terrible sentence.
Glenn's picture
I have a new battery Mod for the pack cameras that will allow you to save removing any parts from the camera. I don't like changing the original. I don't think anyone is doing this. Go to BatteriesPlus store have them tac weld 2 or 3 1.5 volt button batteries together depending on the voltage of the camera. They will shrink wrap them and add metal tabs on the neg/pos post for soldering 9 volt connectors to. making a nice small battery that will last a long time. There is no extra charge for the build. At least where I am there was no extra cost. The only glitch is, on the 3 volt pack cameras the terminals are larger than the connectors you buy at radio shack. I took the connectors off some of the original batteries that I had and soldered them to the new battery. Now you can simply snap the batteries to the connectors to the camera and your ready to go. No modification to the battery compartment. Hope the is understandable, If not feel free to contact me. Thanks Glenn
Anonymous's picture
the guy who was/is getting 39/40-shots on a 36.exp roll of 35mm - must've been using his Trip 35! that's what i Always get!! : D
Ben Runner's picture
I'm glad someone corrected the info about Minox. The older Minox cameras focus & the shutter speed is adjustable. In fact as far as I know the first Minox that didn't focus was the EC. This tiny black plastic Minox has a fixed focus lens set to 5.6 and has auto exposure. In the latest podcast it was mentioned that Minox used a filter to change focus. He was thinking about Minolta 16mm cameras. Submini's like the Minolta 16 & 16II had a fixed focus lens with diopter correction to get close ups or focus to infinity. It's easy to split 2 9.2mm strips of Minox size film from a roll of 35mm. As long as you are careful you can reload a Minox cartridge many times... BTW, LOVE the podcast and have listened to each one. Thanks, Ben from Bowling Green, Ky.
Bronek's picture
guys, i guess lo-fi file is not working. no players will play it.
Michael Raso's picture

Hi Bronek,

I just downloaded the Lo-Fi file and it's playing in both Windows Media Player and QuickTime. Please download the file again. The file may have been damaged in the download. Best, Michael

Bronek's picture
Hi, Michael Thanks for your answer! I didn’t try those players. Any way I did download the hi-fi file. It is not much bigger than the lo-fi. I’ve gone through half of the show (what show?) now. Thank you, Michael and to the rest of the gang for doing this! I have a huge amount of GAS because of you!!! Keep on doing this! Greetings from Russia!!!
patrick j clarke's picture

Great Podcast!  Loved the 110 always get me wanting a Pentax Auto 110 to shoot around with...sigh.

Also, I too love American Photo mag!  If you have the latest issue, you can see my Product Photo I did for the RED Scarlet camera!  There is also a great article on Edwin Land and Polaroid!

Keep up the good shoe!

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