EPIC Episode 47! – November 15, 2011

The Epic Episode! Film Photography Meet-Up at PDN NYC! Interviews include film-talk with Kodak, Instant film with Fujifilm, Large Format with Keith Canham, Photo Paper with Freestyle and lots, lots more! Hosted by Michael Raso, Mat Marrash with Dan Domme and FPP listener Alex Luyckx!

Show Notes

Film Photography Podcast Episode 47 - November 15, 2011

Show Notes by Dan Domme

Oh my goodness, it’s the epic FPP PDN Wrap-up super-show!  Clocking in at over three hours, it easily sets the record for our longest episode ever!  Join Michael Raso, Mat Marrash, Dan Domme and special guest Alex Luyckx!  John Fedele is not in our roundtable this time, but we discuss the appropriate “fire hat” to keep his spirit in the studio.

FPP @ PDN 2011

Hear interviews with FPP listeners like Christopher Fecio, Andy Sutcliffe, Anton Abrahamsen, Joseph Brunjes, John Bryan, Sean Galbraith, Justin, Mark Harris, Chris Stolpe, Michael Sanchez, and Michael Calleia (and family), and Cliff “NJ”.

Not only that, but hear the latest from Fujifilm’s Eric Yee, Kacie, Brandon and the FP-100C Explosion!  We got exclusive interviews with Kodak’s Scott DiSabato, who gives the mother of all film donations, as well as Kodak’s partner large format, Keith Canham.  We also talk to Freestyle’s Patrick DelliBovi about tons of different silver gelatin papers and alternative processes.

But it’s not just a string of PDN interviews! Even before all that, we start with getting to know our new friend Alex, “I.T. guy” and film nut.  Hear about his camera collection and his scanning and post-production techniques.  We’ll also ask about any scary stories from his projects photographing abandoned buildings.

But why are you still reading these show notes?  You’ve got a “shoe” to listen to!  And don’t worry, we’re back in two weeks with some great guests and new surprises!


fish_kite's picture

Great show! Good to hear that film photography is alive and well at the PDN. ^_^

alex luyckx's picture

Excellent show as always! Great to hear some familiar voices at PDN.

Rabea's picture
I'm only half way through listening to this episode (luckily... I've got at least a day of commuting with FPP ahead of me, if not more!) and it's so good. So interesting to hear all the interviews with the guys at the PDN. And I love how Louis Mendes says he has a website and then actually gives his email address. He is proper analogue! Oh, and Matt: how much was your car???
Enrico Cabredo's picture
Amazing 3 hr show! Could you link justin's flickr? I'd love to see his work.
Michael Raso's picture

Thanks for tuning in!

Justin on The Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/justincrdbl25/

CGW's picture
So what's up with the Kodak film giveaway??? Thought there was some 35mm Portra and Tri-X 120 available. Offer withdrawn? Just askin'
Michael Raso's picture

The Kodak Film Giveaway was a FPP Giveaway from 11/15 - 12/1. All entries are in (LOTS OF!) and we're shipping them out. Some of the winners will be read during a future podcast episode. Not all contest winners are read during the podcast broadcast. If anyone didn't make the deadline, please check out our newest giveaways!

ifleming's picture
Great 3hr show, such fun and great listening

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