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hi there . Im new to this forum. Once i shot with a brand new polaroid land 195 i purchased from the german police who never got around to use it. I started shooting with 669 and made lots of transfers. Now i really, really, miss polaroid/instant and i want to get started again... but now i have set my mind on a crown graphic 4x5 ( also because we still can buy 4x5 fuji film right??) with a polaroid 550 or a fuji 45 polaroid film back. i hope to make polaroid studio portraits by enlarging the polaroids on a flatbed scanner and then print them ( is that possible to say 20x30 ?) anyway i need to use my bowens 750 flash head and a large softbox for that and therefor need the crown graphic to have some kind of flash connection socket . Also i would love to do other stuff like landskabe and so on - only in polaroids - still im uncertain on the enlargement wether its print or digital files. I dont know if all this is possible but i hope so. What should i look out for when and if i buy? thanks in advace jeppe
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Welcome to the FPP. You

Welcome to the FPP.

You didn't pick a very good time to start with 4x5 polaroid. Fuji has discontinued all instant 4x5, and is now only producing the smaller version (type 100) in color.  You know what happend too Polaroid :)  So, the only place to find 4x5 instant film is online, or maybe locally.

Hopefuly new55 will produce a new type 55 film, in the near future. And that's at the moment the only hope on new 4x5 instant film.

A local (Netherlands) photo store did sell some slightly expired FP-100C45. I do not know if they have any left, but I could ask if you want ?

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If you want to shoot instant with a crown...

True, Fujifilm has ceased production of instant 4x5, but the regular size pack film lives on. If you can find a Polaroid 405 back on ebay or elsewhere you can still shoot instant film with the crown. I use this combo a lot and love it. It ain't 4x5 but you still can get great results.

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