Winter 2015 on Svema Blue Sensitive Film

Michael Raso

Michael Raso tests the new Svema Blue Sensitive BW Film.

This blue-sensitive* black-and-white film has very high resolution and incorporates a yellow dye, which is removed during processing, to provide very high sharpness.

There is no rem jet associated with this film (like the color motion picture stocks) and can be developed in chemistry like Kodak D76, HC-110, Ektol and others. This film can also be commercially processed by The Darkroom and other commercial labs that process black and white film.

How do I meter for asa 1.5? You must dial the iso manually into your camera or meter (or download light meter app on smart phone). You can dial in iso 25 and open 4-stops (or shutter speeds).25 ISO with a +1 correction would be 12 ISO.25 ISO with +2 is 6 ISO.25 ISO with +3 is 3 ISO.25 ISO with +4 is 1.5 ISO.

* Blue Sensitive films need to be shot in daylight or using a flash/strobe. Avoid using a yellow filter or shooting in tungsten (indoor) light.

Image © 2015 Michael Raso / Image shot 1/3th sec - f 2.8 with Canon FTb / Canon FD 20mm f/2.8 lens / processed in Kodak D76 (Stock solution 8 min)

FPP Hand-Rolled 35mm Film -


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