Chris Bianchetti

Part of the Spring 2012 FPP & Sharp Photo 8x10 Print Exchange.



Nasir Hamid's picture
This is fantastic. Lovely bokeh and a nice bike too.
Rob Oresteen's picture
Sweet shot..
Anonymous's picture
Film soul...
PhotoBob's picture
I really like this black & white image, the sharpness, tones and bicycle are all just wonderful :)
tgrisier's picture
Great shot! Love the tones and composition.
Alan Cole's picture
Chris, great composition. Soft light, contract, f/1.4-1.8 bokeh - the whole deal. In case you're still seeing these comments after a year, would you mind letting us know thr tech data from the shot, especially filmstock, developer and paper? You're now part of our 15-year-old daughter's inspirational B&W image collestion. I'm an old bathroom darkroom guy turned digital a decade ago, and it was a lottery win when she said she'd like to learn about film photography. The stack of boxes from the Bay is growing and I'm on the way out to find a roll of film to test a $50 Nikkormat body with a dented prism housing. I'm ordering a Plastic Fantastic for her for Christmas, after she's had time to see what real in-focus proper images look like. Off to bid on tanks and reels - and find that film. Best shooting to you.
petko's picture
Very pleasing
PhotoBob's picture

What a beautiful image :)


Lucas789's picture
Great shot! Love the tones and composition. http://www.hotellyonouest.com

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