Underwater Shot using APS Film

Ariel David Perez

Ariel's 1st underwater shoot using his Canon Elph Sport / Kodak HD200 APS Film (expired 2002) • Image shot August 2015

Ariel on Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/arieldavid/


Riccardo Pascucci's picture
Amazing! I start with underwater photography in fuji reversal film, but now for work, i have to use digital, and use film just for mt personal project. Now, after i saw this photo, i want to use my Nikon f801 and my Aquatica housing again!!! :) thanks
douglasgottlieb's picture

Great color and composition! Expired film seems not to have muted or shifted the colors at all.

BathroomDarkroom's picture

You nailed it. Underwater, no less. Congrats on your keeper.

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