Mat Marrash

Walking back to my car from Imagine That! in Findlay, OH, I was awe-struck by the simple scene unfolding in front of me...so it was captured on film.

The 52 Project, Week 31

Over the next 52 Weeks, I plan on shooting at least 1 roll of 120 film, processing it, scanning it, and uploading 3 images to this set to further explore the realm of film photography.

Tamed highlights and a long tonal range, more reasons to <3 pyro!

Winner of the Findlay Art League's 2011 Best B&W award!

Eastman Commercial B
Goerz 14" Red Dot Artar
5-6 seconds @ f/9.5
Kodak Tmax 400 in Pyrocat HD 1:1:100


Ed Livingston's picture
Mat, as always, what makes your photographs great is the real sense of connection with the humanity of the subjects. Lots of visual fun abounds - the layered treatment, the attention to the compositional balance, an excellent balance of tones - but technical competence aside, it is a wonderfully intimate scene, well captured.

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