Prada Marfa

Kevin Buchanan (Tomorrowville)

Prada Marfa installation, just outside Valentine, Texas. Holga 120N, Fujifilm Fujicolor Pro 400H film.

Dan Domme's comments: A fantastic mismatch between commercialism and isolation, this shot borders on the surreal.  The act of photographing must have been even stranger.  As the photographer says, "There were no sounds of animals, no real wind noise, and only the occasional car going by."

Kevin Buchanan on Flickr:

In January 2012, regular FPP contributor Dan Domme picked his top 18 favorite images from Film Photography Podcast listeners for 2011. Dan Domme is a film photography enthusiast and PhD student in the Acoustics department of Penn State University. Dan has his own photo blog here:


Olivier Sylvestre's picture

haha at first I read Prada MAFIA x)

I like the image! Nice choice!

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