Hiking Volcan Imbabura


Beautiful landscapes and captured wonderfully in full wide view, as the name of the photographer suggests. Usually one would expect such photos to be bright saturated colors, but it was the muted tones and warm glow that really drew me into this image.

You can see more of WideAngleWandering's work here: www.flickr.com/photos/wideanglewandering/

In March of 2012 Alex Luyckx was asked to pick his top 10 from the FPP Flickr Pool for Winter of 2012. Alex is a long time FPP listener and participant, and works as a support analyst in the Information Technology field and as a Freelance Photographer. You can follow his work at: www.alexluyckx.com/blog/


MBPNW's picture
Gorgeous photo, love the swaths of grass in the foreground.

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