FPP Ann Arbor Photo Walk Meet-Up!

The Film Photography Podcast Meet-Up / Photo Walk!
Saturday, October 3, 2015 Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

Join FPP folks Leslie Lazenby, Michael Raso and Mat Marrash and FPP Super Pal Mark O'Brien for a casual, fun day of film photography!

FPP is bringing this event to you free but please register. Folks who register before Monday Sept 28, 2015 will get the famous FPP 35mm film goodie bag, ID tag, a printed map of the walking routes, updates of event details sent right to your email box and who knows what else! Reserve your spot and Goodie Bag by contacting Leslie Lazenby at imaginethat@ameritech.net

You will receive Meet-Up start and addl info via e-mail.

We will meet downtown for the classic walking and shooting that FPP is known for, a visit to Ann Arbor's newest camera shop, a stop at the Argus Camera Museum and all the camera and film chatter you can stand. Did you know Ann Arbor is the home of Argus cameras and the museum is actually in one of the old factories. The Ann Arbor Area Crappy Camera Club (a.k.a. A3C3) The A3C3 will be helping us with this event!

Ann Arbor is located in the southwest area of Michigan, just 45 miles west if you fly into Detroit. This city is home to the University of Michigan and has a beautiful campus with the vibrant feel of a college town. You will also find great dining, micro breweries, museums, beautiful movie theaters and fantastic graffiti alleys. What is also not to be missed is a night life that is electric with people and some great neon signage.  It's a perfect place to use Kodak Vision 500T!

Addl Info

Recommended lodging for out-of-towners:
There are a bunch of hotels S of downtown, and are right off I-94.  State Street takes you right up to the University of Michigan campus.  It’s a college town with lots of hotels, and the closer you get to campus, the pricier they are. Here are three, and it probably is best to use an one of the online booking companies to get the best price.

Motel 6  ($55/night) - 3764 S State St. Ann Arbor, MI 48108. (734) 665-9900

Red Roof Inn South (ca. $55-75/night) -3505 South State Street, I-94 at South State Street, Exit #177, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. PHONE: 734-665-3500. 

Fairfield Inn Ann Arbor  (ca. $110/night) - 3285 Boardwalk  Ann Arbor, MI 48108 phone - 734-995-5200

B&Bs -  There are several interesting B&B’s in town, all close to campus.  The Burnt Toast Inn is a stone’s throw from the Argus Building.

The Burnt Toast Inn- 415 West William Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48103.  http://www.burnttoastinn.com/

Ann Arbor Bed & Breakfast - 921 E. Huron Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. http://annarborbedandbreakfast.com/

Ann Arbor Area Map:

If you like to search for used/vintage  camera gear, you'll find some fun places to shop on Saturday.   Ann Arbor has several resale shops that might just have what you are looking for.  First in the list is the Saturday morning Kiwanis sale which has a great photo department -- old cameras, accessories, etc.  It's always changing, and it's often been a bonanza for some people.  Unfortunately, it's only open on Satudays, and in the morning.  So, if you want to see what's there, get in before noon!

  • Kiwanis Store - 200 S. First Street @ Washington. 9 am - noon Saturdays only.
  • Antelope Antiques - 255 East Liberty Street
  • Treasure Mart - 529 Detroit Street
  • Camera Mall (our first stop!!) is located at 518 E Washington Street, Ann Arbor.  They will be open early on the 3rd to accommodate us.
    734-997-5031 (T-F 11:30-5:30 EST | Sat 10-4 EST) .



  • West Side Book Shop - 113 West Liberty Street.  A tremendous selection of photography books, as well as Curtis Williams prints. 
  • Dawn Treader Bookshop - 514 East Liberty Street
  • Motte and Bailey Booksellers - 212 N. Fourth Avenue
  • Kaleidoscope Books and Collectibles - 200 N. Fourth Avenue


  • Literati Bookstore - 124 East Washington Street
  • Vault of Midnight - 219 S. Main Street

MUSIC (Vinyl Records)

  • Encore Records - 417 East Liberty Street - an amazing place with great window displays!
  • Wazoo Records - 336 1/2 S. State Street
  • Underground Sounds - 255 East Liberty

This event is presented by The Film Photography Podcast in association with the A3C3 Ann Arbor Camera Club and organized by Leslie Lazenby and Mark O'Brien. Information above is subject to change. You must be 18 years of age (or be accompanied by a parent or guardian) to attend.



Paul Noble's picture

Ann Arbor was the home of the

Ann Arbor was the home of the Argus camera company, maker of the legendary Argus C-3, know as "The Brick". The former factory houses the Argus museum, with examples of many of their products.
Leslie Lazenby's picture

Update! Although it will not

Update! Although it will not be the super massive 8 table extravaganza Findlay and San Clemente workshops were, we now have arranged to have the classic FPP give aways. So don't loose the special ticket included in your goodie bag.
Kerry B's picture

So excited for this! I met

So excited for this! I met Mark (and the rest of the gang, of course) at the workshop in Findlay last year and he's super friendly and talented (as is everybody else). Looking forward to getting together in Ann Arbor! One question - will there be a mass giveaway this time like there was in Findlay? That was so much fun!
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Hi Kerry. The Ann Arbor even

Hi Kerry. The Ann Arbor even is a one-day photo walk (as opposed to our annual 3-Day Walking Workshop which we held in San Clemente in March). So, sadly we do not have the time or the venue for a giveaway. We will be giving away film to all who register!