FPP’s Film Camera Donation Program at Work!

FPP’s Film Camera Donation Program at Work!

Blog by Michael Raso

Since its inception in 2009 The Film Photography Project has donated cameras, lenses and film to numerous students and schools (most recently to the Scio School film class in Oregon and Louise Contino’s Picturing Wanteete Class.) This sharing of vintage (and awesome) camera gear all stems from the amazing Film Photography Podcast audience who has not only supported our efforts but has donated film cameras, lenses, tripods and film stock. This has created a camera inventory at FPP that has been used to facilitate the above mentioned projects and our latest gear donation to Bluffton University in Ohio! This means cameras and film are now and will soon be in the hands of young first-time film photographers!

above: FPP Donation Cameras heading to Bluffton U this Summer for upcoming fall classes.

This past spring I met Andi Baumgartner at our FPP Walking Workshop. Andi’s an affable guy with a sincere and dedicated attitude. I soon learned that he was teaching an upcoming film photography course at Bluffton University which led to our discussion Andi's idea of FPP donating the film gear.

We following up after the FPP event and Andi was kind enough to e-mail me details on his background and class, which I share with you below…

From Andi via e-mail – “I teach at Bluffton University. The art department has a dedicated visual arts building, serving majors in studio art, art education, graphic design and a minor in photography. In terms of film photo, we do have a fully functional darkroom with 6 enlargers and we offer a film course every other academic year with normal enrollment between 15-20 students. Bluffton University is a liberal arts college located 20 minutes from Findlay, Ohio.

above: Andi (2nd from left) sits in on Mark Dalzell's Color Processing Class at the 2014 FPP Walking Workshop

Students will use the FPP donated cameras during the extent of the class and will be turned back in, so we can keep them for future courses. Having these cameras will allow the students to spend more lab funds on film, paper, mounting and framing.

Personally, I received my BA in studio art and an MFA in Digital Art from Bowling Green State University. I would say that I am a cross media artist often making mixed media pieces, with a concentration in alternative digital print, photography, printmaking, and painting. Professionally, I have worked in photo and design departments at a few publishing companies between adjunct teaching at the collegiate level.”

With the cameras and lenses on their way to Bluffton, we’ll be sure to do a follow up this fall on some of the film photography fun headed up by Andi! You can visit Andi’s website at - http://baumgartnerartist.com/

Have a film camera, lenses or film you’d like to donate? Visit our donation page at The FPP!


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I have had some personal

I have had some personal experience lately fixing Minolta XG-M cameras. That are lying around needing repairs. This would include the entire XG-x family, they are all the same except for a feature or two that was left out. Most of the problems are due to four capacitors in the electronics that need replacing. Unfortunately these capacitors sometime make related problems as well. They often failed by spraying corrosive electrolyte onto the thin fluoroglass/gold plated printed circuit boards. Sadly if you find one working the capacitors need replacing anyway if they haven't already been. If you have an interest in repairing these cameras or the X-700 series their problems are similar. If anyone has interest in them get in touch with me at my email technopeasant42@yahoo.com.
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And you know were you can

And you know were you can find the instruction manuals to those wonderful oldies. www.butkus.us
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I always love hearing about

I always love hearing about all the wonderful things you guys are doing for film photography.Mike.Leslie,Mat,Dane,Mark and John you are all first class!!!Also thanks for turning me on to Andi's artwork it is phenomenal I wish him all the best with his photo class.Take care.