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Note to Canadian Listeners - Henry's Processing

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To all those who make use of Henry's for their film processing. The lab that Henry's is associated with is closing. They are looking for a new one...but there is no word. When I know more, I'll let you know.

Some alternitives in the Greater Toronto Area are:

Burlington Camera (New St and Guelph Line, Burlington). They do a full range of processing. B/W and C-41 on Tuesdays, E-6 on Fridays.

Silvanos (355 Weston Rd, Toronto, ON) - B/W, C-41, and E-6, all days of the week.

Toronto Image Works (80 Spadina Ave., Suite 207) - B/W, C-41, E-6 all days of the week.

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alex luyckx (not verified)
An Update! Good news at that,

An Update!

Good news at that, Henry's has found a new lab to handle the processing, e-6 and speciality b/w not being offered but those services are in the works!

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alex luyckx (not verified)
It appears Silvano's is

It appears Silvano's is closing down, last day is Feb 3rd.

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Silvano's closing down

It's very sad... I just switched from digital to film, and Silvano's provided a great service. 

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E6 Customer (not verified)
Henry's E6
Does anyone know what the time frame might be before they get E6 running at their new lab, or what lab it might be? Thanks
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alex luyckx (not verified)
Sadly I do not know when the

Sadly I do not know when the new lab will get the E-6 and Traditional B/W processing up and running. I'm sure as soon as my local Henry's store knows, I'll know the next time I go in.

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Will Henry’s process 12o C41?
Will Henry's process 12o C41? my local lab in Niagara falls closed it's C41 processing down. I was thinking of using Burlington Camera. Has anyone used their services? I know they will process anything.
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alex luyckx (not verified)
I have used Burlington Camera

I have used Burlington Camera and they do good work. Henry's will do C41 in 120 and 35mm. 

Also Downtown Camera in Toronto and the Lomography Store do processing.

Downtown currently has a 2 week turn around on E-6.

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alex luyckx (not verified)
At this point, I have to warn

At this point, I have to warn people *not* to use Henry's. Only 35mm in C-41 processing at the moment, and turn around is at least a week and a half.

Downtown Camera, and Lomography are great, Toronto Image works has day turn around on some processes. Also, a new store, West Camera, a couple blocks east of the lomography store does a full gauntlet of processing (and sells Super 8 film).

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E6 Customer (not verified)
Thanks for the update. Still
Thanks for the update. Still no word on a time frame for the restoration of a full processing line? Anybody tried mail in processing to TIW? Thanks
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Aden Camera also does processing

I'm a little late in joining this thread, but Aden Camera on Yonge Street in Toronto also does processing. I've only ever had b&w film processed there, but they've always done a good job (or the lab they sent it to did) and their turnaround is 2 business days. Take it in on a Monday and you've got your processed film back on Wednesday afternoon -- and it costs considerably less than Downtown Camera (based on the printed price list I got from Downtown).

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Film Processing in Toronto

For E6 and Tradition B&W I would highly recommend Toronto Image Works.

For films from 110, APS, 35mm, 120, 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10.. They are the #1 go-to lab now that Silvano's is gone.

Toronto Image Works has a SAME DAY turnaround..  In before 11am and out by 4pm!  (Except Saturdays closed Sunay).

A great lab, great price.

Downtown camera sends their films to Toronto Image Works for processing.  So cut out the middle man, and just go to Toronto Image Works for processing.  Yes Downtown Camera does in-house C-41, but I don't believe they do anything else.

TIW also has an Imacon scanner that you can "rent" on site to scan your film in for a nominal fee.  
This way you can get them to develop and you can do the scanning yourself.  

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Film Processing in Toronto... some other options....
There is also the Annex Photography near Spadina Station on Bloor and Aden on Yonge street a few blocks north of Dundas that do processing too. Aden also have a pretty great range of black and white films for very cheap (Arista films) and even some of their Ilford films are a few bucks cheaper than you usually find. They have some darkroom supplies and the guy at the film counter is very helpful. I have to say I have had some bad experiences with Toronto Image Works with developing. I have had quite a few rolls back from there where they had cut the negatives poorly (images clipped and pretty much ruined), chemical residue, marks and lines. I now process my own film and have avoided all of these annoyances but just saying it so that you are aware as I used to get my 120 and 35mm film developed there. They do however give you a discount if you pay when you drop your film off ahead of it being processed, if my memory serves me correctly it is around 15% off. I got fed up of them ruining my negatives though from important shoots that I was doing before I had my own set up. Saam

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