Rob Nunn reviews the Polaroid Colorpack II!
December 8, 2010 : : Michael Raso

A few weeks ago I acquired a 1954 Kodak Brownie Bull’s-Eye camera from a local seller. It’s actually the second Bull’s-Eye camera that I own.

Film Photography Podcast listener and friend Tony Kwong delivered this sad news to me via e-mail.

The Olympus Stylus Epic (also known as the Mju-II) is my “point and shoot” camera of choice that I never leave home without!

I recently picked up the Polaroid Captiva SLR and Polaroid Joy cameras from Both were released and available from Polaroid 1993–1997.

The Captiva and Joy use the no-longer-manufactured Polaroid 500...

A fellow FLICKR member sent me FlickrMail today regarding the new Polaroid 300 camera. Below is his correspondance and my response.

When Polaroid announced that they were discontinuing production of their film for SX-70 and 600 cameras, a group of independent entrepreneurs calling themselves The Impossible Project purchased the defunct Polaroid...

This past May I received an e-mail from Ian Cook praising the Olympus Trip 35 (35mm film camera).

Even before purchasing the cute, little Polaroid 300 camera I’ve been dabbling in Polaroid instant photography. Only in the last month or so has it become all-out Polaroid Mania.

I purchased this beautiful vintage Ansco camera for $0.99us on e-bay. It’s fast becoming one of my favorite 120 cameras. Not a great deal of information on the web but I was able to find the following: