One Year Later - The Polaroid 300 Camera


Polaroid Shorts!


blog by Michael Raso

It’s a little over a year ago that I first picked up and started shooting with the new Polaroid 300 Instant Camera.

Nothing has changed in the past 12 months. The camera continues to be a "charmer," the small instant images it produces are still turning heads and making people’s faces light up!

Shooting multiple shots to create great panoramas or hand-holding a Cokin 2x Close-Up filter over the lens to capture awesome and intimate close-ups are still my favorite things to do with this little workhorse.


Desiree Saetia / Polaroid Portrait



Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - NYC



Butler Center, Butler NJ USA


top image: Ukulele performer and Film Photography Podcast pal Henrique Couto wearing Polaroid shorts!
 above: Musician Desiree Saetia portrait utilizing the Cokin 2x filter / Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum panorama / FPP Studios panorama

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in this hi-tech digital world, people still want to hold a print…have a souvenir…and smile.

Images shot with Polaroid pic-300 camera / Polaroid 300 film
© Michael Raso

Link to my Polaroid 300 on-line gallery:

The Polaroid 300 camera can be found at Target Stores in the US and at the  FPP Store on-line.


Aathaaa From Bawston's picture
What a blast this little camera is to use. It really helped re-ignite my Polaroid GAS. And it is a major conversation starter. -Aathaaa
handheldpoetry's picture
What fantastic work. You are an inspiration!!! If you can accomplish this with just a Polaroid, then I can only guess what you could do with [so-called] professional equipment. Do you have any other work posted on-line? )O(
Stefan Coisson's picture
I'm really surprised that you didn't mention that this camera isn't made by Polaroid, but a rebranded Fuji Instax camera that actually uses Fuji Instax film. You can support the actual camera maker and save a lot of money by buying the Fuji camera and film.
Anonymous's picture
THIS IS AVAILABLE AT TARGET?! I must check on this!

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