Mr. Tinker returns to The Film Photography Podcast! Tune In!
Film Photography Podcast 48 - Inside The Impossible Factory!
From The Impossible Project Factory! News on the return of 8x10 instant film, the Impossible camera and Impossible’s yuletide gift for analog photographers!
FPP 2011 interview with Scott DiSabato from Kodak’s Professional Film Division!
Michael Raso & Mat Marrash interview World-Famous Street Photog Louis Mendes!
FPP guy Michael Raso discovers a new band with a song about...(you guessed it) Polaroids!
When I heard about Photographer Briana Morrison's upcoming Big Adventure in Morocco I immediately e-mailed her and asked "Have you ever shot with a Polaroid Automatic Land Camera?"
Filmwasters interviews one of Ilford Photo’s head honchos, Steven Brierley, about the future of analog photography!
Have you heard about the new Lomography Sprocket Hole Photography site!?

Just in time for our FPP Mid West Meet-Up this Friday, July 15, 2011 - Eastman Kodak contacted us and sent 20 rolls of their new Portra films.