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Store Newsletter by Michael Raso

Hi FPPers!

It was amazingly great to see so many of you at our annual FPP Walking Workshop at The Darkroom in San Clemente, Ca. We had been asked to come out west for so many years and that became a reality thanks to Keith Swan and Phil Steblay at The Darkroom

above: Super w-i-d-e shot of the gang at FPP Walking Workshop III in San Clemente. You can hear all about it on FPP Podcast #124! Above photo by Jeff Greenstein.

I've spent the winter months shooting, shooting and shooting many rolls of film. Many of them hand-rolled "test rolls" from super-large bulk film rolls acquired from all corners of the globe! I'm happy to share these new films (and other new film products) with you by introducing them to the FPP On-Line Store. All profits from our on-line store sales benefit the FPP podcast and it's ongoing donation programs.

This update is only highlighting the new additions to the FPP store. There are LOTS MORE special film products. You can see all the rest by browsing the entire shop!


This awesome, new one-time-use BW camera from Ilford has convenience of being able to shoot BW and have the film processed at any color photo-processing centre using standard C41 processing!

According to the awesome folks at Ilford - "These new high quality disposable cameras complete with Flash have a smart clean new look, and each camera is individually packaged." - Perfect! - http://filmphotographyproject.com/store/ilford-35mm-single-use-bw-camera-flash

Speaking of ILFORD...

ILFORD Film was subject of our entire April 15 episode of the Film Photography Podcast ( Episode 123 )

The store now carries Ilford BW film in 35mm, 120 and 4x5 film formats!

Lomography Turquoise Special Effect Film

Another great Limited, Special film from the awesome folks at Lomography. You can shoot this film anywhere from iso 100 through 400. It will render skies pink and skin tones blue! (Images below by long-time FPP listener Tony Kemplen, author of the book 104 Cameras in 104 Weeks.) Lomo Turquoise is available in 35mm, 120 and 620 Formats!


The FPP has just added the Unicolor Rapid E6 Color Slide Kit to our Darkroom Dept! Yes, now you can process slides at home! We also carry the Unicolor C-41 Color Neg Home Kit as well as Kodak D76 for BW processing!

Tune in May 15th for our next, new podcast. Til then, shoot film! Don't forget, you can always e-mail me or the gang and tell us what's new with you! FPP email: Podcast@FilmPhotographyProject.com


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