Breaking News - "New 55" Instant 4x5 Film!

Breaking News by Mat Marrash

Well folks, it's finally here! After nearly 3 years of build-up, Bob Crowley and the rest of his team over at New55 have finally launched their Kickstarter campaign. In case you're wondering what this film is, it's a totally new formulation of the classic Polaroid Type 55 film. Type 55 was a spectacular single sheet instant film in 4x5" size that produced a B&W positive, and with a little washing produced a spectacular negative.

Long story short, if you're a film shooter, now is the time to show your support for the community and kick-in on this project. Yes, their target amount is high, but rightfully so. When I see a number like these guys have presented, it means to me that they've taken their time to analyze the market and asses their needs.  Many Kickstarters under-ask and end up floundering after their funding period. This $400,000 may seem like a lot, but for even a small to medium size business it's a pittance to get this kind of product off the ground.

As someone that doesn't even shoot 4x5, I'm pitching in for this project because it's something I'd like to see happen for all of my fellow large format shooters. While large format emulsions dwindle year after year, it's a breath of fresh air to see a start-up focused on providing a solid product to the community.

Will you be backing New55?

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Nickademusss's picture

Wow, if this gets made, talk about the ultimate instant film!

Andrew Bartram's picture

I have backed them - and got myself a 545 back in the expectation that this will get off the ground

shooter 34488's picture

  any word on the status of this new type 55, 4x5 film?

Ron J's picture
C'mon everyone lets get on board and fund this! My 4x5 Polaroid back is gathering dust waiting for this film's picture

Thanks for posting this FPP!  My name is Allen Crooks and the New55 Film Instagram Account Manager; thats a fancy title I just made up :) Head over to the Kickstarter page as mentioned by Matt and check us out on Instagram @new55film and on Face Book

Thanks FPP,

Allen Crooks

Peter C. Patton's picture
This was always my favorite 4x5 Polaroid film I am looking forward to it coming back again.
John Maher's picture
Ditto here. There was nothing like Polaroid type 55 PN film and now there is no Polaroid. Let's hope this project succeeds and kudos to those hardy folks who are working on making it happen.

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