TIMEZERO The Last Year of Polaroid Film

blog by Michael Raso

I just returned from the NYC premiere of Grant Hamilton's Polaroid documentary - TIMEZERO The Last Year of Polaroid Film.

Whether you're a Polaroid shooter or new to instant photography, Grant's film is an inspirational and essential documentary that will motivate you to grab your Polaroid and start shooting!

I highly recommend checking out the TIMEZERO website - http://timezeromovie.com to find a screening in your area!


Paula  Lay's picture
Thanks for posting about this! Looking at doing a project for uni soon on the digitisation of photography and the end of Polaroid. It makes me really sad, to have used Polaroids - a really magical experience. Generations to come will miss out on this instant surprise.
mikendawn's picture

It's funny... in all the years I've been taking photos, I have never been one for Polaroid... yet, lately, I've been feeling the itch to get one. 

My wife, many years ago, had one when she was younger, and loved it.  I believe it was a Polaroid that took 600 film, and she has many memoriable photos taken with it.

I've only used one, before.  I remember it being out of focus, unsharp, and just no fun to use, but yet today, here I am looking back and thinking... why is that?  Why is my memory of Polaroid so poor...

I know now that I will give it another try, before instant film becomes a faded memory to everyone, and not just myself. 

Time to start hitting the Thrift shops and trying to find a Polaroid that takes P100 film!

lukeong's picture

Do TimeZero get release in blu-ray or DVD? Thanks

Michael Raso's picture

TimeZero is not yet on home video but anticipation is high!

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