DAPPER - Mat Marrash's Gallery Show Success!

FPP Co-host Mat Marrash along with Aperture: A Photography and Variety Store in Cleveland, OH presented Mat's latest body of work, "Dapper", on Saturday April 14, 2012.

The busy show featured  Mat's B&W large format prints from his 8x10 project showcasing  barbershops.

Barbering was and still is an active profession. "Late in the nineteenth century there were several noteworthy events in the barber profession that gave it an upward trend, and the effects are still carrying onward and upward. In 1893, A. B. Moler of Chicago, established a school for barbers. This was the first institution of its kind in the world, and its success was apparent from its very start. It stood for higher education in the ranks, and the parent school was rapidly followed by branches in nearly every principal city of the United States." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barber

Most folks think of the twentieth century when thinking of the local barber. Mat has successfully captured the look and feel of classic barbering in excellent prints from his 8x10 negatives.

above: FPP's Michael Raso documented DAPPER on the Lomography LomoKino 35mm movie camera and Kodak Portra film.

When folks arrived they got a big dose nostalgia, film cameras galore and smiles galore. The biggest smile was from Mat Marrash himself, who sold quite a few prints during the shows continued week run at Aperture.

You can follow Mat's work, check out his work shop schedules or putchase prints at http://www.matmarrash.com/

above: Aperture's Scott Meivogel surrounded by FPP guys Michael Raso and Mat Marrash.

below: Stills from the 4/14 Dapper show.


Susan Stayer's picture

Congratulations Mat! What a fantastic project!

I applaud your commitment to film photography and am inspired by it. Keep up the good work!

Susan Stayer

jimagesdigital's picture
Congrats, Mat!
shakmati (shock the monkey)'s picture
Graet job Mat - keep it up! Look forward to hearing you on the podcast again.
alex luyckx's picture

Glad the show was such a success! Again shame I had to miss it!

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