FPP Episode 49 - The Return of Mr. Tinker!


Smoovin' @ Nikon

The Film Photography Podcast Internet Radio Show goes weekly in December! That means Michael Raso brought in what is lovingly referred to as "Crew B in Studio Z"

Crew B is none other than John Fedele and Dane "Mr. Tinker" Johnson - The off-beat / off-week guys.

Here's the skinny on Episode 49:

Dane “MacGyver” Johnson joins Michael Raso and John Fedele for lots of camera tinkering, Impossible / Fuji Instax Roundtable, Polaroid Colorpack II, Spartus Full-Vue Camera, Kodak Tourist II Camera, Charles Bronson pitching GE bulbs and more!

CLICK HERE to jump over to the Podcast Page! Enjoy!

Dane Johnson's THE THING






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