LOMO KINO - Shooting "Majic Carpet Fried" !


The 35mm Movie Camera from Lomography that shoots 144 frames of film on one 36 exposure roll of film


That’s me, Michael Raso – founder of The Film Photography Project and producer/host of the Internet Radio Show The Film Photography Podcast


The new and versatile ProFoto XL 100 Color Negative Film from KODAK


The Smoove Sailors - Experimental electronic-acoustic sounds - performed live and unrehearsed every week from their Jersey City, New Jersey studio.


“Majic Carpet Fried” – Filmed 7, February 2012



Korg MS-20 -  http://www.vintagesynth.com/korg/ms20.php


 Tube Echoplex Tape Delay -  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echoplex



Mark's Home-Made Box -  http://m.matrixsynth.com/2009/04/bleep-labs-thingamakit-slightly-modded.html

More LomoKino Mini-Music Videos Coming Soon!



















jonasfx's picture
hella cool mates!!
Olivier Sylvestre's picture

Nice choice of music for the Lomokino, or nice choice of camera to shoot the video!
I like it! But what I would prefer is a new Super 8 Camera or something like that to come out and some nice labs to get film developed and scanned! That would be awesome!
Don't stop the nice work FPP folks and long live to film!

ykxibi's picture
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Gregg McNeill's picture
I'm looking forward to getting some great footage off of this little camera! I scored a 5 pack of Portra 400 VC and I've got 9 rolls of Lomo 400 and 100 Black and White to go through it as well. Did you get any "film dust" on the inside from any of your rolls? The first roll I put through mine had a startling amount of emulsion scrapings on the inside after a roll of Lomo 800 color. I'm thinking that little metal clip at the bottom is the culprit and wondering if I can just pull it out of there. I'd be interested to hear the workflow you went through after you got the film processed. did you scan the images and use a Quicktime image sequence or line up the images in iMovie or FCP? Keep up the great work! Gregg McNeill Isle of Bute, Scotland

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