Cameras Need TLC Too! FPP Polaroid 225 Camera Giveaway!

Cameras Need Love Too!


This Polaroid 225 Automatic “Pack Film” Land Camera (pictured above) was purchased on e-bay. It’s a “classic” folding instant film camera that was built in 1968. Even though Polaroid Corporation stopped producing film in 2008, Fujifilm still makes both color and BW film for this camera.

The e-bayer who sold it to me claimed to be the original owner and advertised it as the Polaroid Countdown 70! What arrived was a grimy, abused Polaroid 225 Land Camera in desperate need of some care. The original battery was corrosion free and still holding a charge. With some "spit and polish" I was able to clean it up and give it a spin.

It was originally planned as a FPP give-away camera. Now that I’m confident it’s operational, I’m offering it up. It's hardly brand new but is “the” perfect camera for a curious film shooter who has never shot with a Polaroid Pack camera.

This giveaway already happened, but check out the podcast for current giveaways.

Here are images taken with the Polaroid 225 camera!

Polaroid 225 Automatic Land Camera


Polaroid 225 Automatic Land Camera


Dan and Mat at MACS Diner!


The Polaroid 225 camera uses both Fujifilm FP-100c (color) or FP-3000b (BW) film.

Miss this giveaway? No worries…the Film Photography Project (FPP) gives away film and film cameras monthly. Tune into the show!

All images © Michael Raso / Film Photography Project


David's picture
anyone know the name of the song on end of episode 33?
ali's picture
very nice camera
Allie's picture
what kind of fujifilm does this camera take? do you know if the same kind would work in a Polaroid Model 800 Land Camera? thanks!
Film Photography Podcast's picture
Hi David,
The song is by The Smoove Sailors. I do not know the exact name but it is available for free at their website.

Hi Allie,
Sadly film is no longer available for the Polaroid Model 800.
Allie's picture
ah, that's what i was afraid of. thanks anyways!
David's picture
Thanks for the link
charles's picture

Hum, the photograph of the style is classic, I was a photography beginners, could you tell me what you do brand camera?

Andik 's picture
Is there no alternative film for Polaroid Model 800?
Michael Raso's picture

Sadly, there is no replacement to Polaroid roll-type film.

In this video FPP listener Nick Rapak shoots with the Polaroid 800 and a roll of expired roll film.

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