Get Your Photography Noticed...The Importance of Tagging (We’re Tellin’ You Again!)

Impossible Project Space NYC
Mat Marrash's shot of The Impossible Project
space in NYC—"tagged" as "The Impossible Project"


A day doesn't go by when I'm not looking up info “The Google” about vintage cameras and no doubt I wouldn’t get too far if folks didn’t “tag” their articles or images.

We're covered “tagging” before but IT'S SO IMPORTANT that it can't be covered enough!

Here's a video clip about “tags” from Episode 30 / March 15 Film Photography Podcast.





Check out the full podcast of Episode 30 - March 15, 2011

Read Mat's blog about tagging here. Remember...tag your images!



Photon's picture
Hi guys,
With regards to tags I think you might overstate their value with regards to Google searches anyway. Google has made an official blog post as to the value of metatags in searches '

In flickr however they may have more value.

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