Episode 27 - February 1, 2011

Spotlight on the Diana camera, Polaroid announces Grey products, book of the month, Rodinal in the darkroom PLUS we’re giving away a Diana+ 120 camera…a Holga 120n camera and an Olympus Trip 35 camera! Hosted by Michael Raso with Duane Polcou and John Fedele.

Show Notes

Diana Camera

Spotlight on the DIANA camera

“The Diana first appeared during the early 1960s as a inexpensive box camera sold by the Great Wall Plastic Factory of Kowloon, Hong Kong. Most were exported to the United States and the United Kingdom. In the United States, the Diana was imported by the Power Sales Company of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

The Diana camera is a plastic-bodied box camera utilizing 120 roll film. It takes twelve 6×6 cm photographs using a simple plastic meniscus lens. Originally marketed as an inexpensive novelty gift item, the Diana was later used by professional photographers to take soft focus, impressionistic photographs somewhat reminiscent of the Pictorialist Period of artistic photography, but utilizing contemporary themes and concepts. Ten years after the Diana disappeared from the market, another inexpensive box camera of similar concept, the Holga, would also become the camera of choice of some professional photographers.

As a bottom market camera intended for novelty use, the Diana frequently suffers from light leaks, film advance issues, and other problems. However, its low-quality plastic lens has been celebrated for its artistic effects in photographs, normally resulting in a slightly blurred composition that can provide a 'dreamlike' quality to the print.”

From: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diana_camera




We’re giving away a DIANA+ camera courtesy of our friends at Lomography.com! Entry deadline is February 22, 2011...oh, it's over. But that's OK, check out the latest podcast for new giveaways.

Magnolia - Spring is finally here
“Magnolia” by Urban Hafner


“Chuck” by Jay Panelo


Monthly Film Giveaway

Our awesome listeners have been sending us 35mm and 120 roll film. Every month we’re giving away a roll of film.

02/08/10 Film Score
image by LancePhoto

We even have a hand entry for this giveaway.

OLYMPUS TRIP 35 camera giveaway

FPP Superfriend Ian Cook has donated an Olympus Trip 35 camera and flash. The Trip camera was built in 1972 and ships in its original box! We’re giving away this package to one lucky winner on March 1, 2011.

Cult Status - OlympusTrip 35

To enter this contest...Entry deadline is February 22, 2011. That's right, it's over, but stay super positive and check out the latest podcast for our latest giveaway.

HOLGA 120n camera giveaway

FPP listener Jason donated the classic Holga 120n camera. We’re giving away this package to one lucky winner on March 1, 2011.

Holga 120N

To enter this contest...Entry deadline is February 22, 2011...Oh, too late. Check out our latest giveaway on the newest podcast.


Brett Weston’s Voyage of the Eye. Photographs by Brett Weston. Introduction by Beaumont Newhall. Aperture, New York, 1992. 128 pp., 100 duotone plates, 9x10½".

"This revised and expanded edition celebrates the eightieth birthday of one of America's foremost photographers. Whether it is an Alaskan glacier miles away or shards of broken glass in San Francisco inches from the camera, Brett Weston's images seize exhilarating patterns in the natural and man-made world."--the publisher. As a retrospective, Voyage of the Eye invites the viewer to witness the evolution of Weston's philosophy of photography through sixty-five years of image-making."

Available: amazon.com/Voyage-Eye-Brett-Weston/dp/0912334843


Developing BW film at home with Rodinal

Alex Prepares for Encore
“Alex Prepares for Encore” Image by Dan Domme / developed in Rodinal

“Rodinal was patented January 27, 1891 by Dr. Momme Andresen. It was the first product sold by Agfa and is the oldest photographic product still available (2010). After the patent expired, Rodinal has been supplied under different names by other companies. Rodinal is a concentrated liquid developer with very long storage life; the working developer is used once. This may have helped sales to amateur users who did not have to make up an entire packet of developer, enough for many films but with a short life once made up.

Rodinal has for a long time been manufactured in a chemical plant in Vaihingen-Enz owned originally by Agfa. In November 2005 the plant was sold to a&o Imaging Solutions GmbH in Koblenz, Germany, who continued the production of Rodinal. In 2008 it was sold again to Connect Chemicals (Ratingen, Germany.) Today Rodinal can be obtained from ADOX Fotowerke Bad Saarow, Germany. It is now called ADONAL.”

From: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rodinal

Thanks for listening to FPP. Next show in two weeks!


studio's picture
Guys, when reading letters from your listeners you are talking about smena 8m
here is the link about this camera:
Film Photography Podcast's picture
Thanks for the link. I just purchased a Smena8 from The e-bay.com. Looking forward to reviewing it on an upcoming Film Photography Podcast episode.
- Michael Raso
John LaPierre | BFG's picture
Always educational, always entertaining, and always right on, right on, right on. I love you's guys.

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