the last store in new jersey that sells film?

You’re not going to believe this but not too long ago there was no such thing as the Internet. Yes, that’s right…no on-line. No cell phones , either.

C’mon, think hard. Remember?




When visiting the Garden State, enjoy a real store experience at Unique…and don’t forget to shoot me an e-mail…I’ll meet you there for some Java!

—Michael Raso /

 Michael Raso


I host The Film Photography Podcast (Internet Radio Show) on iTunes

Shot info: Polaroid pic-300 camera and Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film

Image © 2010 Dan Domme

All other images © 2010 Michael Raso


John LaPierre | BFG's picture
Oh my, it must be epidemic. I drove my car to one of those stores in Atlanta last week and bought some Fuji FP-100c. They even have lots of free parking. Showcase Camera & Video.
Dan's picture
My local store sells FP-100C for no less than $30. I kid you not.
Michael Raso's picture
Hi Dan,
Oh my...Unique Photo price for FP-100c is $10.55 per pack.

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