Midnight Creeps at Yule Time

When I showed up on December 4th to shoot Violent Hearts at the Loop Lounge in New Jersey USA, I was happy to find that a second band was playing – Rhode Island’s Midnight Creeps.

Midnight Creeps - Loop Lounge, New Jersey USA


According to the bands MySpace page they’re “Straight out of the bowels of Creepsville USA armed with sleazy tales of sin, sex, and destitution. The Midnight Creeps bring the danger back to rocknroll! Consisting of singer Jenny Hurricane, guitarist Stimbot, bassist Jonas Parmelee, and drummer...ummm...well we don't know who the drummer is right now but anyway the Midnight Creeps specialize in churning out three-minute roller coasters of good gone bad.”

I met the band before the show and told them that I’d love to photograph them. They were super cool and stoked to have me shoot.

Midnight Creeps - Loop Lounge, New Jersey USA


My kit was the same as reported in my previous post. ’73 Canon FTb, 50mm f1.4 lens, small strobe and few rolls of Kodachrome 64 film. For the Creeps set I utilized a second strobe snapped on top of a small electronic slave. I picked up this handy mini-device from a Hong Kong e-bay seller for cheap.

Flash Slave


Midnight Creeps - Loop Lounge, New Jersey USA


With the help of pal William Hellfire, I was able to fire off a few frames using the second strobe. The shots created a slight glare on the lens but I think it was for the better. Next time I’ll mount the strobe on a monopod and gel the strobe amber or blue.

Midnight Creeps - Loop Lounge, New Jersey USA

More info:

Monster World


Happy Holidays to all my Film Photography Friends around the world!


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