Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim!

Here's a nifty and ultra-cool plastic camera - the discontinued Vivitar “point and shoot” ULTRA WIDE & SLIM camera.

The all mechanical / all plastic camera uses 35mm film and has no electronics or need for a battery to function.

With a fixed f11 aperture and a w-i-d-e 22mm lens, the camera delivers gorgeous lo-fi pictures.

Current price tag on e-bay: $50. (if your lucky to find one). Occasionally the FPP On-Line Store 35mm Camera Page will have inventory on vintage Viv Ultra Wide & Slim cameras or the SuperHeadz "Slim Devil" (same as the Ultra Wide & Slim!)


Vivitar ULTRA WIDE and SLIM Camera


above: Shot in tungsten lighting using my Canon FTb / 50mm ssc lens and Fujicolor Supera 200 color print film. Processing and scan by Clark Color Labs.


Kodachrome 64 / Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim



Woodland Lake / Summer 2010



 of Kodachrome - Ringwood State Park


images above: Squeezing the last days of Summer 2010 on a photo walk with my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim Camera and Kodachrome 64 film.

More Ultra Wide and Slim shots here.

 Love the camera and certainly easy to carry in your pocket for outdoor shooting!

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Duncan's picture
This was written in 2009… it's 2012 now. Any photos to report?
Michael Raso's picture

Excellent suggestion to update this page!

Samhain's picture
I was wondering why my UWS shots never look anything like that, then of course I saw the Kodachrome.... oh, the good ol days.
Nasir Hamid's picture
I bought one of these after it was mentioned on one of the podcasts. So far I've only finished one roll through it because of the amount of light it needs but it's certainly fun to carry around and use.
Jacobs camera closet's picture

kodachrome. I never got to shoot it. I guess it is too late now

Michael Raso's picture

Too late for Kodachrome...but not too late for Kodak Ektachrome!

roseha's picture
I just bought one from Etsy and will try it with some Ilford 400 film!

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