Impossible’s PX film for Polaroid cameras

When Polaroid announced that they were discontinuing production of their film for SX-70 and 600 cameras, a group of independent entrepreneurs calling themselves The Impossible Project purchased the defunct Polaroid factory in The Netherlands and started producing new monochrome film for the millions of Polaroid cameras still in the world. The first film PX 100 (for SX-70 cameras) and PX 600 (for Polaroid 600 cameras) was released earlier this year.


Downtown Delight USA

In an age where indoor and highway strip malls rule, it's always a real joy to skip the norm and go local. I lived in Pompton Lakes, NJ a few years ago and really dug the town's "main street" (which happens to be called Wanaque Avenue). A hop, skip and jump from my studio, Pompton Lakes makes a perfect afternoon break in wonderful Friday afternoon weather.

Glorious Days with Impossible PX Film

I can’t remember a new film stock being invented in my lifetime as unique and extraordinary as the new line of PX films (for Polaroid SX-70 and 600 cameras). The film was introduced earlier this year by an Indie company called “The Impossible Project.”

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