POLAROID EXPLOSION: Instant Film in 2010…so far

With the re-emerging Instant Films in stores this year via Polaroid / Fujifilm and The Impossible Project, amateur and professional photographers alike have raised their eyebrows after initially thinking that instant photography was going the way of the dinosaur when the end of instant film was announced by Polaroid in 2009.

Impossible’s PX film for Polaroid cameras

When Polaroid announced that they were discontinuing production of their film for SX-70 and 600 cameras, a group of independent entrepreneurs calling themselves The Impossible Project purchased the defunct Polaroid factory in The Netherlands and started producing new monochrome film for the millions of Polaroid cameras still in the world. The first film PX 100 (for SX-70 cameras) and PX 600 (for Polaroid 600 cameras) was released earlier this year.


IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT Grand Opening Party! New York, USA


The spectacular venture that recently started production of a new instant film for old Polaroid cameras - The Impossible Project - is opening a unique retail and exhibition space in New York City on April 30.


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