Polaroid Instant Photography - New Film in 2013!

New film for vintage Polaroid cameras delivers a never-before-seen color saturation, a completely new level of detail and sharpness and overall stunning image quality.

FPP listeners Win Polaroid Spectra Cameras!

Winners of the FPP Polaroid Spectra!

Polaroid Instant Photography - Which Polaroid Camera for Me?!

"What camera or format should I start shooting!"

Going Spectra! The Polaroid Spectra!

FPPer Dan Domme writes about Polaroid's Spectra System and why its so awesome!

100 Polaroids - Rediscovering My Polaroid Spectra

How could I go so long without picking up my Polaroid Spectra camera? There are countless factors that added up to my leaving her on the shelf for so long. One, I had always used a Spectra in high school, so of course I felt I had to move on to something more obscure and unusual…more fitting to my age. Something like a Holga or some other hip camera with a colored flash or a wide-angle lens.

Exploring Polaroid Spectra and Polaroid Captiva / Joycam cameras

Film Photography Podcast host Michael Raso explores two forgotten Polaroid formats - Polaroid Spectra System and Polaroid 500 cameras.

“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him.”

The Oscar Goldman doll was one of several large-size action figures relased by Kenner Toys in the late 1970s to tie-in with both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. The doll came packaged with a briefcase containing several items; if the briefcase was opened incorrectly, however, the briefcase self-destructed, bouncing into the air and the interior changing to appear as if it had been destroyed (though it could easily be reset).

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