The Film Stock List 2013

A brief overview of what film is available!

Reuters TV's Look at The Impossible Project 2012!

Reuters TV interviews Impossible Project USA VP Dave Bias. Dave talks about all things analog including some new analog gadgets from Impossible!

Film Photography Podcast / Episode 65 – September 1, 2012

Hey, we're back! The new season of FPP. Three years of glorious film photography fun! What else?...The internet radio show for people who love to shoot film! This show: Photographer Jim Austin Interview, 110 Film Explosion, Kodak News, 8x10 Polaroid, Camera Giveaways, lots more!

above: Mark Dalzell and John Fedele sailing and shooting with Jim Austin! Shot on the FPP Plastic Filmtastic 120 Debonair camera!

Polaroid Fever! The 250 Automatic Land Camera!

The Polaroid 250 won't disappoint!

Polaroid 250 Automatic Land Camera - Zeiss Ikon Range Finder

FPP's Crash Course on using the Pola 250!

FPP Film Photography Meet-Up NYC 2012!

The Film Photography Podcast (FPP) meet-up in New York City - May 19, 2012

Film Photography on the Streets of NYC!

Recap from the awesome FPP NYC Meet-Up!

Pack-Tastic! Print Your Slides to Polaroid Pack Film!

Intro to the Polaroid Slide Printer!

Film Photography Podcast Episode 63 – July 1, 2012

The Internet Radio Show for Folks Who Love Film! Epic Summer ’12 Episode! Large Format! Shoot X-Ray Film?! Vintage Kodak! Drum Scans! SLR Camera Giveaway! Special Guests and Lots More!!!

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