100 Polaroids - Rediscovering My Polaroid Spectra

How could I go so long without picking up my Polaroid Spectra camera? There are countless factors that added up to my leaving her on the shelf for so long. One, I had always used a Spectra in high school, so of course I felt I had to move on to something more obscure and unusual…more fitting to my age. Something like a Holga or some other hip camera with a colored flash or a wide-angle lens.

My Tribute to Vinyl Records

I love vinyl records. When I was growing up, "record stores" were easily accessible by bike. It's funny how sharp my memory is on where I purchased some of the "albums" in my collection. John Lennon's "Double Fantasy" - late 1981, I walked to a small indie shop owned by Kevin Clement called Vinyl Frontiers. David Bowie "Space Oddity" - sometime in '80, a group of us got a ride to Willowbrook Mall, I found the album at a store called Korvettes. Most of my huge 1980s vinyl collection came from my twice weekly trip to Mickey Music in Belleville, NJ. Somehow in my many moves around New Jersey, my collection wound up in storage for the past 15 years.

“100 Polaroids” CHICAGO Book Party and Exhibition

Pat Sansone will be signing his book "100 Polaroids" this Friday, 11/19/2010 in Chicago, IL. Pat is one half of the band The Autumn Defense and a member of the band Wilco.

Film Photography Podcast - Weekly in November 2010!

I'm happy to announce that The Film Photography Podcast will be brought to you weekly this month.

Episode 18 - October 25, 2010

Michael Raso welcomes guests Pat Sansone, Dave Bias and Anne Bowerman - celebrating Pat’s new book “100 Polaroids” at the Impossible Project NYC. Plus listener letters, the Kodak Pony II camera, three big giveaways and more! This episode I’m joined by enthusiastic film photographer Joe Kolbek.

Celebrate (and Win!) “100 Polaroids”

The Film Photography Podcast (Internet Radio Show) celebrated Instant Photography by giving away a copy of Patrick Sansone’s new book “100 Polaroids.”

Episode 17 - October 15, 2010

4x5 Large Format Photography, Digital Darkroom vs. Digital Darkroom, Polaroid 300 Goes National, Mega-Giveaways and More! Hosted by Michael Raso with Duane Polcou.

THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT NYC Party for Patrick Sansone’s book “100 Polaroids.”

Film Photography Podcast friend / photographer Randy Babajtis attended the Los Angeles book signing last Thursday. We’re happy to share these images from the event.

“100 Polaroids” in Los Angeles tonight

Pat Sansone will be signing his book "100 Polaroids" tonight in Los Angeles! Pat is one half of the band The Autumn Defense and a member of the band Wilco.

Episode 16 - October 1, 2010

The Amazing Giveaway Show! Awesome free film stuff! Super cool vintage cameras! Film-film-film! Pat Sansone’s “100 Polaroids” book release! Hosted by Michael Raso with Duane Polcou and John Fedele.

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