The LUBITEL 166u and The Case of the Sticky Shutter

Sticky shutter and all!

Faith, Focus and Flying on Film!

Jim Austin's blog on S-L-O-W Photography!

Exploring, Engaging & Enlarging Black and White

Why Shooting BW Film is a Special Experience.

LOMO KINO - Shooting "Majic Carpet Fried" !

LomoKino Mini-Music-Video featuring FPP fav Smoove Sailors!

Film Photography Podcast / Episode 53 – January 15, 2012

Exclusive interview with photographer / filmmaker Kurt Markus! Photography Business Tips! Alternative Printing! Polaroid SX-70 and more! Hosted by Michael Raso and Mat Marrash with Special Guest Paige Davis!

Image of Kurt Markus by Michael Karsh

110 Film Photography / Holga 110

110 Film is Back...and it's in the FPP Store!

Film Photography Podcast Episode 52 – January 1, 2012

The Epic New Year Show!!! Nikon FM Review and Giveaway! Polaroid Party! Chrome Film! Shooting Model Basics! Studio Lighting! Hosted by Michael Raso and Mat Marrash with Guests Dan Domme, Alex Luyckx and Hunter White.

Episode 48 – December 1, 2011

FPP Correspondent Viviane Li visits The Impossible Project Factory! Polaroid Spectra Giveaway! Olympus C-211 Shoots Polaroid Film! Plus Much More! Hosted by Michael Raso, Mat Marrash with Dan Domme and Special Guest Alex Luyckx!

Episode 46 – November 1, 2011


The Smoove Sailors


Polaroid Land Camera explosion! DIY Camera Mods! 110 Film Returns! Is the Lomo-Look Family Friendly? Hosted by Michael Raso, Mat Marrash, John Fedele and new guy Dane “Smoove Sailor” Johnson!

Episode 45 – October 15, 2011


Riesen Vampire


FPP Spooky Halloween Show! BW Film Photography! Filters for BW Photography! Ghosts in your image! Reciprocity fail! Polaroid Stuff! Classic Camera Giveaway and more! Hosted by Michael Raso & Mat Marrash.

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