What's New!? Lomography Manchester and the LomoKino!

What's News at Lomography?! Lomography Manchester and the LomoKino!

Sprocket Hole Photography!

Have you heard about the new Lomography Sprocket Hole Photography site!?

Ahoy! The La Sardina “El Capitan” Camera!

While in London UK this past weekend for our Film Photography Podcast (FPP) Meet-Up, I (along with FPP super-pal John Fedele) had the opportunity to shoot with the new Lomography La Sardina "El Capitan" 35mm camera. With a spectacular wide-angle lens, multiple exposure capabilities, tripod thread, flash, color flash filters and a rewind dial—this is the perfect summer fun camera. Hey, it’s shaped like a can of sardines too!

Episode 36 - June 1, 2011

Film Photography Podcast host Michael Raso and John Fedele discuss the Polaroid 420 Automatic Land Camera, the Lomo LCA-W, the Nikon F, “The Darkroom” processing, the "Pack-Tastic" Giveaway and much more.

Episode 34 - May 1, 2011

Film Photography Podcast host Michael Raso and Mat Marrash are joined in the studio by guest Dan Domme. Show includes a re-cap of the first FPP Meet-Up in NYC! Meet-Up participants are interviewed on the streets of NYC along with a visit to Lomography NYC, Impossible Project NYC. Plus, John calls in from Sea World, the Big Polaroid Giveaway, Listener Letters and more, more, more!

Film Photography Podcast Listeners MEET-UP in NYC!

The first Film Photography Podcast (FPP) meet-up was held in New York City on Saturday, April 16, 2011. Grey skies and wind didn’t stop avid FPPers and FPP founder and host Michael Raso (That's me!) from coming out to meet and get to know each other.

Meet-Up organizer Dan Domme along with Michael Calleia and Mat Marrash mapped a walking route from 23rd Steet to Canal that included stops at Lomography Store, Leica Gallery and The Impossible Project. The day ended at Impossible where the enthusiastic group posed for an 8x10 portrait shot on Mat Marrash’s Eastman Commercial B camera.

DIANA + Camera Giveaway on FPP!

"The Diana camera is a plastic-bodied box camera utilizing 120 rollfilm. It takes twelve 6×6 cm photographs using a simple plastic meniscus lens. Originally marketed as an inexpensive novelty gift item, the Diana was later used by professional photographers to take soft focus, impressionistic photographs somewhat reminiscent of the Pictorialist Period of artistic photography, but utilizing contemporary themes and concepts"

Film Photography Podcast 3 - December 15, 2009

Film Photography Podcast 3 - December 15, 2009

Topics include: Film formats, Shanghai Seagull (and entry level 120), Lens Baby, Kodak Kodachrome. Additionally, hosts Michael Raso and Duane Polcou attend the New York pdnPHOTOPLUS EXPO and conduct interviews with Eastman Kodak, Lomography Society, Freestyle Photo and more.

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