FPP Film Photography Meet-Up NYC 2012!

The Film Photography Podcast (FPP) meet-up in New York City - May 19, 2012

TIMEZERO The Last Year of Polaroid Film

Michael Raso just screened TIMEZERO at the NYC Premiere!

Technique, Style and Esthetic

A letter from Flickr member Philip sparked this blog on technique and esthetic.

Film Photography Podcast Listeners MEET-UP in NYC!

The first Film Photography Podcast (FPP) meet-up was held in New York City on Saturday, April 16, 2011. Grey skies and wind didn’t stop avid FPPers and FPP founder and host Michael Raso (That's me!) from coming out to meet and get to know each other.

Meet-Up organizer Dan Domme along with Michael Calleia and Mat Marrash mapped a walking route from 23rd Steet to Canal that included stops at Lomography Store, Leica Gallery and The Impossible Project. The day ended at Impossible where the enthusiastic group posed for an 8x10 portrait shot on Mat Marrash’s Eastman Commercial B camera.

Never say Impossible. New Color Film for Polaroid 600 Cameras!

For those of reading who do not know, Polaroid stopped making instant film in 2008, ending their 50+ year reign as the one and only instant photography kings. Fujifilm in Japan picked up the ball by producing “some” instant film for older Polaroid “pack cameras,” but a huge void was left as no company was producing film for the millions of Polaroid SX-70 and 600 cameras in the world.

“100 Polaroids” CHICAGO Book Party and Exhibition

Pat Sansone will be signing his book "100 Polaroids" this Friday, 11/19/2010 in Chicago, IL. Pat is one half of the band The Autumn Defense and a member of the band Wilco.

Celebrating The Impossible Project

When Polaroid announced in 2008 that it would cease production on all of its instant films, no one would have dreamed that in two short years a group of entrepreneurs called The Impossible Project would be able to once again produce instant analog films for Polaroid cameras.

As producer and host of The Film Photography Podcast, I’m thrilled to announce that Impossible Project’s Dr. Florian Kaps and Dave Bias will be my special guests on the upcoming November 12, 2010 (Episode 20) Internet radio show.

How to use a Polaroid Pack Camera

I received an e-mail from Film Photography Podcast associate Rob Nunn the other day asking me about the various Polaroid film formats. The e-mail prompted me to produce this little video about the fantastic Polaroid Colorpack II camera.

Episode 18 - October 25, 2010

Michael Raso welcomes guests Pat Sansone, Dave Bias and Anne Bowerman - celebrating Pat’s new book “100 Polaroids” at the Impossible Project NYC. Plus listener letters, the Kodak Pony II camera, three big giveaways and more! This episode I’m joined by enthusiastic film photographer Joe Kolbek.

Celebrate (and Win!) “100 Polaroids”

The Film Photography Podcast (Internet Radio Show) celebrated Instant Photography by giving away a copy of Patrick Sansone’s new book “100 Polaroids.”

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