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620 Film Fever! Buy Film or roll your own!

Film Photography Podcast - Episode 78 – March 15, 2013

Film Photography Podcast - Episode 78 – March 15, 2013

The internet radio show for people who love to shoot film! Big Episode 78 featuring Michael Raso and John Fedele! The ABC’s of shooting a model! Mamiya m645! 127 film! 620 film! Kodak Duaflex IV! The px625 battery dilemma, Canon QL17 and lots more!

Lens Flip! Fun with the KBHF!

Flip that lens and make extraordinary images!

620 Film: How to use 120 film in your 620 camera

For those looking to shoot with vintage 620 film cameras, you should know that 620 is identical to 120 roll film...EXCEPT for the fact that the spool is slightly different. This video shows you how to roll 120 film onto 620 spools.

Episode 30 - March 15, 2011

8x10 film photography, Kodak Tourist II Camera, 620 Film, get your work seen…by tagging, book of the month, darkroom tips, camera giveaways and more! Hosted by Michael Raso with Mat Marrash and John Fedel.

Kodak Brownie Bull’s-Eye 620 camera

A few weeks ago I acquired a 1954 Kodak Brownie Bull’s-Eye camera from a local seller. It’s actually the second Bull’s-Eye camera that I own.

Kodak Brownie Bull's-Eye 620 Camera

How to load the 1954 Brownie Bull's Eye Camera.

Episode 12 - August 1, 2010

The “Just Do It” episode. Topics cover big format film, publishing your photo, CLA: clean-lubricate-adjust, Polaroid updates and more! Hosted by Michael Raso and Duane Polcou.

QUISP to the Rescue

That's filmmaker Joe Kolbek enjoying a bowl of QUISP cereal at my studio in New Jersey USA. Shot using my recently acquired 1954 Kodak Brownie Bull’s Eye with Kodak Ektachrome 100 plus (120 film rolled to 620 spool).

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