Episode 8 - May 15, 2010

Adrenaline is pumped in non-stop discussions that include Polaroid Instant Cameras, Impossible Project Instant Film, Cokin Filters, Vintage Film Camera Manuals On-Line, Holgapalooza 2010, The Three-Camera-Giveaway and much more!!! Hosted by Michael Raso and Duane Polcou and special guest John Fedele.

Glorious Days with Impossible PX Film

I can’t remember a new film stock being invented in my lifetime as unique and extraordinary as the new line of PX films (for Polaroid SX-70 and 600 cameras). The film was introduced earlier this year by an Indie company called “The Impossible Project.”

The camera has arrived!!! YES!!!!!

On the April 15th The Film Photography Podcast (Internet Radio Show) gave away a Polaroid 600 Camera. Chris Nielsen from New Zealand was the lucky winner!

Today, I received the following correspondence from Chris

Impossible? No way! Impossible Project releases PX-600 Instant Film for Polaroid 600 Cameras

After the announcement by The Impossible Project on March 22nd about the release of their new film (PX-100) for Polaroid SX-70 Cameras, I’ve been a bit “Polaroid Crazy” – traveling through my days with my 1977 Polaroid One Step around my neck.

Episode 7 - April 15, 2010

The BIG April 2010 show topics include Polaroid, The Impossible Project, PX-100 Silver Shade Instant Film, Developing Black & White film at home, Camera Giveaways and much MORE! Hosted by Michael Raso, Duane Polcou and special guest John Fedele.

Episode 6 - March 15, 2010

Hosts Michael Raso and Duane Polcou briskly discuss Photo Manipulation (Is it Photography?), WILCO’s Pat Sansone shoots Polaroid, Pink Delicates music CD giveaway, Kodak Ektar 100, the Lubitel 166 failure and more!

Episode 5 - February 15, 2010

It’s a Film Photography Podcast Marathon! Michael Raso and Duane Polcou host their biggest episode to date. Over 2 hours of fun-filled and informative photography talk. Topics include the Lubitel 166u Lomo camera, Film scanning, 120 film, Agfa Clack 6x9 film camera, Infrared photography, the amazing Canon film camera giveaway and more!

Pizza Fridays

Every Friday at Pop Cinema Studio we'd gather at 2pm in the kitchen area. It was known as Pop Pizza Friday. We would order two pizzas from two different pizzerias and vote for the best tasting pie.

Episode 4 - January 15, 2010

Hosts Michael Raso and Duane Polcou ring in the New Year! Discussions include: Flickr, Photography Blogs, Polaroid 2010, Kodak Kodachrome, Super 8 Sound Film, Jeff Dunas Photography, A Look at Your Images and Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons Kansas. Also, Listener Letters, Canon 35mm Camera Package Giveaway and more!

Thank You 2009

After spending years running my studio and producing low-budget feature films I returned to "hands-on" shooting in 2009. It was a slow start but within a few months I was confident enough to launch this blog and in October start The Film Photography Podcast (Internet Radio Show).

The purpose? To spread the word about the joy of film photography to anyone who is interested. To teach and share my knowledge of the craft. To reach out to other artists who share the same passion for all things photography and filmmaking.

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