Vintage Camera / Home Development Package Give Away Gets Better!

When I announced the final days of our contest on FaceBook this past Friday, I received an e-mail from Film Photography Podcast Listener Ron O’Connor. Ron just kicked in some vintage measuring cups/beakers, a vintage thermometer and “Pako” film clips. FPP listeners are THE BEST!!!

Vintage 120 Film Camera / BW Home Development Package Give Away!

When we announced our camera and home development contest last month on The Film Photography Podcast, I had no idea that it bound to become our most spectacular giveaway yet. The contest was initiated when podcast listener HeeSoo donated a package containing a vintage Ciro-Flex 120 TLR camera, 120 film and Rodinal-Equiv home developer. A few days later, I received an e-mail from another FPP listener. Keith Derickson noticed our contest and donated the film development tank that’s needed for the home development process. I tipped off our good friends at Freestyle Photographic Supply about our ongoing contest and they donated the rest of the chemicals to develop film at home.

Coffee Break – Develop Film at Home with Caffenol

Develop your film in Instant Coffee!

Episode 26 - January 15, 2011

Topics include photography print magazines, Cibachrome , home darkroom tips, spotlight on View Camera Magazine, camera giveaway and more! Hosted by Michael Raso, Duane Polcou and special guest John Fedele.

Developing Black & White Film at Home

Since there has been a bit of discussion about home developing on the Film Photography Podcast recently (episode 25 / January 1, 2011), I thought I'd share with everybody how I do it. This is mainly because when I started looking into it, everything seemed so complicated and I needed something simple.

SNOW DAY—Winter Photography by Film Photography Podcast Listeners

A “snow day” has been declared at the FPP studio on the eastern coast of the United States. It’s the first snow of the new year and what better way to celebrate than to create a collection of snowy images shot by the fantastic Film Photography Podcast listeners.

Film Photography Podcast listener to the rescue!

On the January 1st Film Photography Podcast, I announced that during the frenzy of the December holidays, two Film Photography Podcast “giveaway” cameras got misplaced (!)

Episode 25 - January 1, 2011

Kodachrome no more, 110 film format, sprocket hole photography, black & white home development, camera giveaways and much more. Hosted by Michael Raso, Duane Polcou and special guest John Fedele.

The Last Day of Kodachrome

As a photographer shooting film, I tend to "overstock," so, earlier this year I started sharing my rolls of Kodachrome with folks who listen to The Film Photography Podcast (the internet radio show which I host).

The images shot by the podcast audience are on display in the "KODACHROME - Film Photography Project 2010" on

My Tribute to Vinyl Records

I love vinyl records. When I was growing up, "record stores" were easily accessible by bike. It's funny how sharp my memory is on where I purchased some of the "albums" in my collection. John Lennon's "Double Fantasy" - late 1981, I walked to a small indie shop owned by Kevin Clement called Vinyl Frontiers. David Bowie "Space Oddity" - sometime in '80, a group of us got a ride to Willowbrook Mall, I found the album at a store called Korvettes. Most of my huge 1980s vinyl collection came from my twice weekly trip to Mickey Music in Belleville, NJ. Somehow in my many moves around New Jersey, my collection wound up in storage for the past 15 years.

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