BW darkroom prints from fp100c negatives?

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I am currently planning a project inolving a Polaroid Passport camera and fp100c (since it is readily available). I am thinking of making black&white enlargements from the negatives. I am doing this to keep things analog. Has anybody tried something like this?

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I have reclaimed several

I have reclaimed several (many actually) negatives from the FP-100c, and they tend to lack contrast.  I have read or heard that under-exposing the shots to get a better negative is the way to go for the color film.  Im not sure what you can do to control the exposure in some automatic cameras, but that would be a good starting place.

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I have not tried it yet but I
I have not tried it yet but I have read that the negatives from FP3000B can be scanned. Since you are looking for B&W anyway, maybe you should try that film. Pete
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  I'm guessing since he's


I'm guessing since he's trying to keep it analog he wants to avoid the scanner, or he could just have scanned the original print.

You could try a red (or other) filter over the lens to boost the contrast... just remember to put one over the photocell too so the exposure is correct, or adjust the exposure knob to compensate - 1 tick on the dial should be 1/2 a stop.



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