110 Fever! Vintage 110 Cameras Added!

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The FPP Store is happy to make available two vintage Kodak 110 Cameras

The Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 18

and the Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 Camera

Above: 1970s TV advert featuring Mark Hamill (Star Wars)  and Eve Plumb (The Brady Bunch)

Both cameras ship in their original box along with a roll of Fujifilm Superia 200 (110 film) and one Flip Flash!

110 Film Cameras in the Store:


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Jacobs camera closet
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Michael Raso (not verified)
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Alexander D
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I was just wondering how much

I was just wondering how much it costs for 110 film to be developed through your service including prints.


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Michael Raso
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I've been sending my 110 film

I've been sending my 110 film to The Darkroom - http://thedarkroom.com/

They've been doing a great job! (below - 110 Color Slide Film processed by The Darkroom)

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